Evangelical Christian Post defends Trump. Editor resigns in disgust.

Evangelical Christian Post defends Trump. Editor resigns in disgust. December 27, 2019
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THE row over Christianity Today’s recent scathing anti-Trump editorial took a fresh turn this week when Napp Nazworth, above, a political analyst and editor working for the Trump-lovin’ Christian Post, walked off the job.

It happened after the Post attacked CT in an editorial, saying:

You may think Trump is a narcissistic, morally challenged, belligerent cad who has no business being president — except for the pesky constitutional fact that over 60 million American voters elected him to it.

You may see Trump as a modern day Cyrus, the Persian king who did God’s bidding in assisting in the restoration of Jerusalem. You may think Trump is a Samson-like hero called to realign the Supreme Court, to redirect the economy toward the American worker, and/or to tear down the pillars of Deep State corruption in modern Washington.

But whatever you think — and however you vote — America will certainly survive and is, in significant ways, thriving under a Trump presidency — even if it lasts another four years.

Trump brandishing a Bible in a bid to hook evangelical voters in 2015. Image via YouTube.

This was too much for Nazworth, who uses the #NeverTrump hashtag on his Twitter bio.

In a December 23 Facebook post he wrote:

Today, rather abruptly, I was forced to make the difficult choice to leave The Christian Post. They decided to publish an editorial that positions them on Team Trump. I can’t be an editor for a publication with that editorial voice. I’m saddened by what happened for many reasons. I’ve been with CP for over 8.5 years, made many friendships, and had lots of exciting opportunities along the way. As long as I was with the company, they strived to be a place that represented the diversity of evangelicalism in the US …

Now, CP has chosen to go in a different direction. Like so many other media companies, they’ve chosen to silo themselves. They’ve chosen to represent a narrow (and shrinking) slice of Christianity. That might be a good business decision, short term at least. But it’s bad for Democracy, and bad for the Gospel. It means there will be one more place where readers can go for bias confirmation, but one less place where readers can go to exercise their brains on diversity of thought.

This drew a sharp response from one commenter. Keith Morris Daniels said:

Soooooo we just had the most godless president for 8 years. America headed faster towards the end times during that period more than ever before. Now we have a president that actually seeks God, not that he’s perfect, but who is? However, your disdain for him and lack of acknowledgment for the antichrist we just had makes you look like a wolf in sheep’s clothing …

James Joseph added:

Nap, adios! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Get out of the way and let someone with a pair of balls run the paper!

But not all the comments were negative. Katie Ro wrote:

You have made a courageous choice, guided by what is Good and True. Even though it will no doubt cost you, your integrity remains intact – and that’s where the rubber meets the road. Not in exchanging our birthright for a bowl of soup, as so many in the church have done, not by trading our good sense and consciences to have power in the land, as so many in the church have done, but by standing firm and speaking truth about what is dark, corrupted, and deeply damaging. Bravo, Napp. You are being cheered on and prayed for from this corner of Chicagoland.

The Christian Post addressed Nazworth’s departure, saying:

The Christian Post does not normally discuss personnel matters, though we would like to say that we are so very grateful for Napp’s contribution over these many years and we wish him the best, We will remain a publication rooted in our Christian faith & committed to objectivity in our reporting & diversity in our opinions.

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  • Matt G

    So, we have millions of committed, conservative Christians who are appalled by DT for moral reasons, and millions more who adore him for moral reasons. We are forced to conclude that there is no such thing as Christian morality.

  • johnsoncatman

    You may think Trump is a narcissistic, morally challenged, belligerent cad who has no business being president — except for the pesky constitutional fact that over 60 million American voters elected him to it.

    I see that you are discounting the 63 million that DID NOT vote to elect him.
    It is time for Nazworth’s supporters to cancel their subscriptions. Perhaps the “power of the free market” can flex a little muscle.

  • Michael Neville

    Soooooo we just had the most godless president for 8 years.

    Not only was (and is) Obama a Christian but in the 2008 election many conservatives denounced Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, for making political statements the conservatives didn’t like and were concerned that Wright had too much influence over Obama. Nobody claimed that Rev. Wright wasn’t a Christian. So how can Obama’s pastor be a Christian and Obama not be one.

  • Jim Jones

    We will remain a publication rooted in our Christian faith & committed to objectivity in our reporting & diversity in our opinions.

    You keep using that word. It does not mean what you think it means.

  • Jim Jones

    And Trump doesn’t have a pastor, just some grifters.

  • Jim Jones

    Including all who voted for not-Trump, 10 million people wanted someone else.

  • Jim Jones

    Never had it, never will.

  • Pennybird

    Two things stood out to me: That Nazworth, an insider, refers to right wing Evangelicalism as a “narrow and shrinkiing slice of Christianity” is encouraging indeed. We need that right about now.

    Then there’s the commenter, James Joseph who tells him to step aside and let someone with balls take over. Wait a minute. What takes courage, running with the pack or is facing the pack down and telling them what you really think? Seems to me, James Joseph himself might could use a ball or two.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    10 million MORE people wanted someone else…

  • WallofSleep

    I’ll wager James Joseph started life with a working pair, but now their rolling around at the bottom of Trump’s purse.

  • Savpunk

    Wow. I have never really understood the emotional satisfaction of the “let me get my popcorn” memes until now.

  • Broga

    We have here evidence that committed, conservative Christians are the scrapings of society. They are unfit to offer any contribution to civilised government and that the contemptible Trump, with his record of groping women, betraying his country for personal profit and the rest of his abominations, should be President and supported by them condemns them and him to their hell. Except, of course, that hell is a fiction reserved by them for honest, rational atheists.

  • firebubbles310

    Because Wright wasn’t white. White pastors are a-ok. Black pastors like Wright are radical.

  • kaydenpat

    Good to see these cracks.

  • frostysnowman

    I simply don’t understand why so many evangicals insist Obama was the most godless president ever when he actively attended church while in office and the ugly orange lump doesn’t. And they also say we were headed toward end-times while Obama was in office but Trump “saved” us. Shouldn’t they actually be upset about that?

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Because they can get away with saying ‘godless’ in polite company.

    Dropping the racist n-word tends to get one forcefully excluded from polite company.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Point taken.

    And those protesting are only doing so because it makes them LOOK bad, not because they object to the ideas or behavior.

    I’ll take what we can get right now.

  • Jack McMillan

    The President isn’t elected by popular vote, rather by the Electoral College. That’s how it works. So to say 3 million or 10 million or 100 million (or whatever number de jour liberals want to invent) is irrelevant. If you want the President to be elected by popular vote, fine – demand a Constitutional amendment abolishing the Electoral College. If you’re so concerned about our political system, then start a grass-roots movement demanding change. If however you just want to sit around and belly-ache and complain, go do it elsewhere – nobody wants to hear your lib whining.

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    I’ll take a shot.
    O was a secret Muslim. So he needed Christian cover, which Wright and his church afforded.

    Remember, just because Obama claimed to be a Christian doesn’t mean us One True Christians™ should believe him. At least that’s what my religious leader and his Collection Plate where I put My Money said. And they have no reason to lie to me.

    Too funny.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    What I *want* is Repugs to quit suppressing likely Dem voters, stop gerrymandering by packing and cracking, and generally act ethically rather than how they HAVE been acting.

    I’m not holding my breath, as cyanotic blue is NOT a good color on me.

  • Brian Davis

    They welcome editorial contributions from people who think tax breaks for the wealthy should be our top priority and also people who think ending immigration of non WASPs should be our top priority. So yes, they are committed to a diversity of opinions.

  • Sophotroph

    My goodness, you really think you’re insightful! Bless your heart.

  • Mauricio Navarro

    These so called Christians make me laugh, they love and support a president who is a wife cheater, a narcissist, a mythomaniac, a bigot, a charity fund embezzler, and more . All those adjectives could apply to you or me, but not to the president of the US, no way.

  • Mauricio Navarro

    “the ugly orange lump”, that’s funny, I like it!

  • Lauren Greene

    He’s a prime example of Dunning-Kruger Effect.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    And nobody wanted to hear the whining of conservatives when they whined and complained about Obama over every little thing. Nor do we want to hear crybaby conservatives constantly complaining about Hillary Clinton, even though she isn’t the president, and isn’t running again. But again, we have to listen to halfwit conservatives throwing a temper tantrum. Conservatives are some of the biggest, whiniest snowflakes on the planet.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    It’s better than conservatives, who, being a bunch of whiny, hypersensitive, thin-skinned crybaby snowflakes, decided to ignore the Constitution and law by making subjects that they don’t like or agree with illegal, and illegally prosecuted those that had the nerve to talk about things that conservatives didn’t approve of. But, I assume that you haven’t bothered to learn anything about American history because it contradicts your false narrative.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    Too bad you lack any intelligence, numb nuts

  • DeadBabyJoke

    I guess you’re too stupid to understand what I was saying. I was pointing out your hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of conservatives, who are (falsely) claiming and complaining about liberals doing what conservatives have been doing for centuries. This is a STUNNING example of conservative hypocrisy.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    Whatever makes you feel better about supporting a corrupt traitor who only became president because of Russian interference.

  • DeadBabyJoke