H/Q of Brazilian comedy team attacked with Molotov cocktails

H/Q of Brazilian comedy team attacked with Molotov cocktails December 25, 2019
Image: Netflix

OUTRAGE over Netflix’s ‘blasphemous’ gay Jesus festive season special spilled over into violence last night when a Christmas eve Molotov cocktail attack took place at The Backdoor, headquarters of the Porta dos Fundos comedy group.

According to this report, video security images delivered to the Rio Security Secretariat show that at least three people participated in the crime. Two men got out of a pickup truck and one off a motorcycle.

The attack came less than three weeks after Netflix streamed The First Temptation of Christ, sparking an official government inquiry and claims for damages for alleged offence given to faithful Christians.

image via Facebook

According to UOL journalist Mauricio Stycer, above, the images show that the Molotov cocktails produced huge flames. There were no major consequences because of the swift action of a security  who managed to contain the fire.

The building is in Humaitá, an upscale neighborhood in southern Rio de Janeiro, in an area full of security cameras.

Backdoor released a statement which said:

At dawn on December 24, Christmas Eve, the headquarters of the Bacckdoor was the victim of an attack. Molotov cocktails were thrown at our building. One of the security guards managed to control the fire principle and was not injured even though the action endangered several innocent lives in the company and on the street.

The Backdoor condemns any act of violence and has already made the security camera footage available to the authorities, the Security Secretary and expects those responsible for the attacks to be found and punished. However, our priority right now is the safety of the entire team that works with us.

Once we have more details, we will speak again. But for now, we anticipate that we will move on, more united, stronger, more inspired and confident that the country will survive this storm of hatred and love will prevail along with freedom of speech.

In the Christmas special gay Jesus is portrayed by Gregório Duvivier – seen above in a sketch called Jesus’ Secret Friend – and his boyfriend is Fábio Porchat.

In addition, God (Antonio Tabet) is shown living in a love triangle with Jose (Rafael Portugal) and Maria (Evelyn Castro) in The First Temptation of Christ.


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  • Jim Jones

    Nothing says, “For the love of Jesus” like several Molotov cocktails.

  • steveiam

    We gather that many bible humpers have no affinity for humor.

  • Yet another example of Christian love and tolerance.

  • Jack McMillan

    And nothing says liberal tolerance and open-mindedness like incessant taunting and mocking. And then chiding the victims for not “taking it”.

  • Amused To Death

    Well, that’s another Irony Meter ruined. Thanks.

  • Astreja

    They are at liberty to mock back. If they resort to violence, then they should be arrested for it.

  • Thanks4AllTheFish

    Are you pining away for the good old days where such heresy and blasphemy could be properly dealt with?

    Matthew 5:11 ESV
    “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.”

    Proverbs 9:8 ESV
    “Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you; reprove a wise man, and he will love you.”

  • Thanks4AllTheFish

    I guarantee you that every non-believer in the world has faced some indignity at the hands of a devout theist from the ridiculous, to the grotesque, to the sometimes fatal42 at some point in their,…I’m going to say the last couple of hours. You’re pissed42 hearing about it? Imagine how exhausting and sometimes terrifying it is living with it.

  • I will pray Eldath, the Green Goddess, for you.

  • Of course, and by the same logic I guess that to mock unbeliefs and to threat those who hold them is right.

  • Lauren Greene

    Xtianity spread as a result of violence. Atheists were tortured and murdered by followers of the religion of “peace and love.” They are still mocked and discriminated against today. Imagine what would be said if non-believers went on a violent rampage because of it…”those godless heathens need Jeezus!”

    Take all available seats.

  • Lauren Greene

    Only when it comes to mocking atheists or other religions…

  • Lauren Greene

    Nothing says hypocrite like a kkkrist-stain oppressing others while claiming to be oppressed.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    so I take the micky out of some ones beliefs and then they burn down my house its all because I took the micky

  • Götterdämmerung

    It is quite reasonable to ridicule those who cling to preposterous beliefs, sometimes that is all we can do because the religious never listen to reason.

  • Matt G

    You want to them to come unarmed to a gunfight?? And by unarmed I mean without arms.

  • Matt G

    Who is doing the pushing? The religious ceaselessly try to push their beliefs onto others. Preaching is okay, within limits, but when they try to use the government to push their religion, the Constitution is violated. And the religious have a looong history of using violence to push religion and silence critics.

  • Robert Baden

    Somehow this reminds of of hostile reactions to Draw Mohammed Day.

  • Freethinker
  • Mike Curnutt
  • Mike Curnutt

    They are totally blind to the similarities.

  • Thanks4AllTheFish
  • persephone

    Your all-powerful god sure has some whiny99 a559 followers.