US Ambassador to Zambia gets a taste of hateful Christian values

US Ambassador to Zambia gets a taste of hateful Christian values December 3, 2019
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THE ambassador, Dan Foote, above, had the gall to criticise a 15-year jail sentence imposed on a gay couple in Zambia, and immediately ignited a diplomatic row.

More than that, Foote claims to have been subjected to a hate campaign on social media after he called the sentence, imposed on Japhet Chataba and Steven Samba, horrifying.

Foote said yesterday (Monday):

I was shocked at the venom and hate directed at me and my country, largely in the name of ‘Christian’ values, by a small minority of Zambians.

On learning of the jailing of Japhet Chataba and Steven Samba, Foote said he was “horrified”  by the draconian sentence.

A diplomatic row followed after a judge quashed the couple’s an appeal against their conviction last week.

Same-sex relationships are outlawed in Zambia, where British colonial-era laws on homosexuality still apply.

Foote implored the Zambian government to review the case and its homosexuality laws, but has since faced a backlash for doing so.

Image via YouTube

On Monday Zambian President Edgar Lungu, above, slammed the ambassador, saying his government will complain to the Trump administration.

The President’s outrage was echoed by Zambian Foreign Minister Joseph Malanji, who said Foote’s remarks were:

Tantamount to questioning the Zambian constitution.

Foote, US ambassador to the southern African country since December 2017, responded to the furore in a press statement on Monday.

The career diplomat said he had cancelled scheduled appearances at World Aids Day events on Tuesday “because of threats made against me” on social media.

He denied accusations that his comments amounted to interference in Zambia’s judiciary and constitutional affairs.

It is up to Zambian citizens and the courts to decide if your laws correspond to your constitution, but your constitution itself provides every person the right to freedom and expression of conscience and belief.

I expressed my belief about a law and a harsh sentencing I don’t agree with. I didn’t interfere in internal affairs.

In turn, Mr Foote accused President Lungu of interfering in judicial affairs through statements:

Rejecting homosexual rights.

In an interview with Sky News, Lungu mounted a combative defence of Zambia’s homosexuality laws and warned of a breakdown in relations between Zambia and the US unless President Donald Trump took action.

He also insisted that nothing would change his mind on homosexuality.

We are saying no to homosexuality. Why should we say we are going to be civilised if we allow it… are you saying that we’re very primitive now because we’re frowning on homosexuality? Even animals don’t do it, so why should we be forced to do it? …

Hat tip: George Broadhead

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  • Raging Bee

    Forced to do it?” The fact that the PRESIDENT is blithering like that just shows how deranged that governing coalition is.

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    And Dan Foote will be recalled back to the US in 5, 4, 3 …

  • digital bookworm

    “…even animals don’t do it
    Guess he doesn’t get out much.

  • Tawreos

    I doubt you would have to dig to far to find his slimy presence involved on some level.

  • Jim Jones

    The Religion of Hate shows its true self again.

  • larry parker

    From wiki: “No species has been found in which homosexual behaviour has not been shown to exist, with the exception of species that never have sex at all, such as sea urchins and aphis.”

  • larry parker

    Idk, Trump might mix him up with the Ambassador to Nambia.

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    Or he might get reassigned to Nambia. 😉

  • persephone

    I watched a short documentary the other night about a gay man who ran for president of the Navajo nation. There were two other gay men who appeared in the documentary and were interviewed. Originally, the Navajo thought the two-spirited were special and were an honor bestowed by the gods. Now, thanks to Christian proselytizing, many, if not most, Navajo view it as “disgusting.” There did seem to be some small attitude changes over the next few months the documentary covered, but we can only hope it will continue.

  • persephone

    Lively would have pushed for executions.

  • Steven Watson

    The West and the Rest.

  • Michael Newsham

    This is regarded as an imposition of Western values and a sign of imperialism by Right-wing Christians. That the people who passed the sentence were representing a religion brought in by foreign rifles is never considered.

  • markr1957

    Isn’t Zambia one of those countries tRump refers to as a sh*thole? I don’t think he’s going lose a second’s sleep over shutting down trade with them completely.

  • Old Harry

    Sounds like the perfect place to send The Mooch, seeing how high he is on The President’s List?

  • Old Harry

    There but for the Grace of the Founding Fathers goes the US.

  • Mutale

    Sadly it seems my president is unaware that there is mountains of evidence that shows animals also exhbit homosexuality.

  • Paul Douglas

    The west instilled this poison on the Africans. Many former British colonies are notoriously homophobic to this day. Think Jamaica, Nigeria, Kenya…

  • Steven Watson

    I make no back reference. These bigots have agency and are responsible for their own actions. We in the West have for the most part developed beyond that. There is no blaming the dead for the crimes of the living.

  • Wow, Foote’s remarks were “Tantamount to questioning the Zambian constitution” and that’s, presumably, beyond the pale. I’m sure president Lungu would never have stooped so low as to criticize the old South African constitution for its pervasive Apartheid.