Disunited Methodists are to split. ‘Sodomites’ are to blame.

Disunited Methodists are to split. ‘Sodomites’ are to blame. January 5, 2020

‘SODOMITES’, according to one comment beneath a Christian News Network report on an unholy row within the United Methodist Church (UMC), are to blame for a proposal that would split the church in two.

The split would see homophobic “traditionalists”  bugger off to form their own denomination.

An outraged Louis Wallace wrote beneath the report:

Why is that the traditionalists have to turn their church over to the Sodomites? The UMC voted DOWN the LGBTQ agenda.

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One man who has the answer is Adam Hamilton, above, who leads United Methodist Church of the Resurrection of Leawood, Kansas. He says that LGBT-affirming churches within the UMC are in the majority, so if any churches needs to leave it’s those that are crammed with bigots.

Hamilton’s group is believed to be the largest in the UMC, with 22,000 members and four locations, and is openly homosexual-affirming on its website, offering a ‘LGBT Ministry’ and a ‘LGBT and Allies Community Group.’

As things stand within the UMC there is an “impasse” on the issue of homosexuality, and on Friday a proposal was put forward to mutually agree for “traditionalist” United Methodists to leave and form their own denomination.

That would allow the progressives to remove the biblical prohibition on homosexuality as encompassed in the Book of Discipline and thus allow for same-sex marriages in churches and the ordination of homosexual clergy.

Hamilton said the proposal is one of two up for consideration – the other of which would conversely result in the departure of the homosexual-affirming entities to form their own denomination.

We would allow traditionalists to be able to leave with their property, and to provide funds to help them start a new denomination.

With the “traditionalists” gone, Hamilton stated, it would then pave the way to allow those remaining to vote to change the United Methodist Book of Discipline to eliminate any verbiage characterising homosexuality as being contrary to Christianity.

It would consequently also eliminate the prohibition against same-sex marriage in United Methodist churches and the officiating of such services anywhere by clergy, as well as the proscription on clergy engaging in the sin of homosexuality.

The move “would basically remove all of the negative language around human sexuality,” Hamilton said.

Currently, our Book of Discipline says that the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching. We would be removing that.

“The United Methodist Church and its members are at an impasse, the Church’s witness and mission is being impeded, and the Church itself as well as its members have been injured,” the proposal reads, suggesting that the split must occur because the “Church” and its work is being harmed otherwise.

The move comes after the majority of delegates worldwide voted in favour of the “Traditional Plan” during a special session of the General Conference last February, striking down the “Simple Plan” and the “One Church Plan.” Delegates on both sides of the issue ardently provided their views, with some breaking out in song after the final result and others protesting.

Jerry Kulah of the Africa Initiative Coalition declared.

The Traditional Plan is not only traditional but biblical; it ensures God’s word remains foundational to the life and growth of the UMC. I submit we love our LGBTQ friends [by upholding the Bible].

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Also opposing any move to accept same-sex unions in the UMC is Zimbabwe’s Rev Forbes Matonga, above, who warned in this video that this would be “in opposition to African culture” and would generate negative headlines and cause Zimbabweans to abandon the denomination. It would also put the church in direct conflict with the law of the land which criminalises homosexuality.

Matonga is a pastor at the Nyadire Mission Center in Zimbabwe.

According to Fox News, 43 percent of delegates were from overseas, with the majority being from Africa. Africans were strongly in support of the “Traditional Plan.”

During his comments to the media on Friday, Hamilton pointed to a previous split among Methodists over the issue of slavery, stating that it used to be the Methodist Episcopal Church, but those in the south defended slavery while those in the north believed that it was not “God’s will or God’s plan.”

A reporter who said she was playing “devil’s advocate” asked what he would say to those who note that Scripture characterises homosexuality as being an offence to God. Hamilton claimed that the Bible makes slavery seem permissible and that some text should be read in its cultural context.

In the Torah, you are told that you can beat your slaves with rods [and] as long as they don’t die within 24 hours, there’s no penalty because the slaves are property. And nobody today thinks that’s okay, but at the time, they did.

For many of us, we believe – when it comes to human sexuality – that the handful of verses that talk about stoning a gay man don’t reflect God’s will and purposes for human beings. And instead, God wills for us to be faithful to one another and to love one another. When the biblical authors were speaking about homosexuality, they were talking about what was going on in their time and their understanding of human sexuality.

Hamilton estimates that, should the proposal pass, as many as 25 percent of churches currently within the UMC will leave, and mostly in the south. The UMC would pay millions to the traditionalists as a part of the severance agreement.

A vote is expected during the General Conference in May.

Back in 2017 “traditionalist” Paul T  Stallsworth, pastor of Whiteville United Methodist Church in Whiteville, North Carolina accused the progressives of waging “a kind of insurrection against the larger church.”

Gay and lesbian clergy have ‘come out’ Clergy have presided at same-sex services. Progressives have urged ordination committees in their annual conferences to ignore matters of sexual morality. Some have persuaded their annual conferences to declare that they would live in ‘nonconformity’ – that is, they would not conform to the doctrine and discipline on sexual morality established by the General Conference.

Most significantly, they have elected an admitted lesbian, in a committed relationship, to the office of bishop. All of these provocative actions have drawn much attention both inside and outside the church.

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Earlier, in 1999, the Rev Greg Dell, above, “a champion of inclusion” was put on trial by a jury of 13 Methodist ministers for conducting a same-sex ceremony a year earlier. They voted 10 to 3 to suspend him indefinitely, making him the first Methodist minister in the US the  to be penalised for the violation.

The action followed a restriction, adopted by the 1996 General Conference, that no United Methodist clergy should conduct such religious ceremonies, since at that time there was no legal marriage for same-sex couples in the United States. A complaint about Dell’s action was filed with the Northern Illinois Annual Conference, the region unit that included Dell’s congregation.

Dell, who died in 2016, was best known for his ministry at Broadway United Methodist Church in the heart of Chicago’s gay community which says:

We are black, brown, red, yellow, white, and all the colors of God’s created rainbow. We are lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, and straight. We are transgender, intersex, female, male, gender fluid. We are queer. We are questioning. We are every age. We are every ability. We are every economic & theological location. We are YOU.

His suspension was eventually reduced to one year.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    The UMC voted DOWN the LGBTQ agenda.

    To: Office of the LGBTQ President
    From: CoastalMaineBird

    To whom it may concern:
    I respectfully request that I be mailed a copy of the LGBTQ Agenda , at your earliest convenience. I wish to learn exactly what these nimrods are opposing, yet they refuse to provide me such a document.


  • Thanks4AllTheFish

    “An outraged Louis Wallace wrote beneath the report:”

    Why is that the traditionalists have to turn their church over to the Sodomites42?”

    Didn’t the folks in Sodom42 meet with some kind of horrible disaster that resulted in total genocide? As far as I know, there is no Sodom42 anymore so how could this church be turned over to it? Someone should ease this man’s fears and outrage. Everything will be fine.

  • Jennny

    The Methodist church in the UK has just voted, in principle to allow same sex marriage. I was doing a shift in a charity project recently, when my 74yo fellow-volunteer said this was a sad day for him. He is the loveliest kindest man, he and his wife have fostered over 80 disabled children, with health issues that meant no one else would take them. He’s a methodist minister and said, ‘I believe in inclusion, but this is a step too far, after a lifetime in the denomination, I’m going to have to resign.’ So as in the USA, another split is forming, he’ll continue his welcoming mid-week bible group…but in an area where churches are closing by the dozen it does seem that ‘god’ is hastening the process by weakening these weak causes even more. And I wonder if there are any x-tian same sex couples just longing for a church wedding….in a methodist church where only some of the members approve of them and others have left in disgust because of it.

  • frostysnowman

    When the PCUSA general assembly voted to change the description of marriage to “between two people” after Obergfel, my congregation had a schism. The people who were against gay marriage picked up and left and started a new congregation. Those who stayed had a rough couple of years spiritually and financially, but in the end it was the best thing for our church. We are now growing and thriving in a way we never would have if the old guard hadn’t left. The bigots are definitely the ones who should leave Methodism so they can continue to live in their unaccepting bubble.

  • Bob Jase

    If only god would stop making all those LGBTQ people.

  • Bob Jase

    Hooray! Another faction of the ‘only true Christians’ – 40,000 plus, collect them all!

  • Jennny

    My thoughts entirely. The Week Of Prayer for X-tian Unity is observed here, and the methodist pastor is one of its local organisers. The organisation is proud of the fact that it was founded in 1908…so not much success yet then in reducing that 40.000+ number!

  • Charlie Ellis

    It pains me to see a further division in the Body of Christ. This conflict, however, is not about homosexuality. It is about control. It is about trying to control other people, and dictating who they are allowed to love. Such attempts to control others is not the way of love, and therefore is not the way of God.
    If the so-called “traditionalists” insist on leaving, do not demand that they stay. When the prodigals return, welcome them with open arms.

  • Broga

    Have we heard from the UMCR on 1. The endemic paedophilia in the RC church; 2. the actions of the ignorant prayer loving hypocrite now President; the destruction of the environment; the dismantling of what remains of Obama’s attempts to provide minimal health care for those who cannot afford it. Or is the LGBTO agenda, whatever that is, their top priority for opposition.

  • sweeks

    Meh… the “body of christ” has been divided into hundreds (if not more) of sections. What’s one more?
    The thing that would pain me, if I were a believer in this nonsense, is that a supposedly omnipotent and loving being somehow couldn’t make the meaning of its “word” clear to all peoples in all times. Poor performance.

  • sweeks

    Bye-bye! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  • Jim Jones

    44,000 at last count and growing.

  • Jim Jones

    If only super-Christians would stop doing it.

    And then throwing their own children away. For Jesus.

  • Jim Jones

    > ‘Sodomites’ are to blame.

    Yes. Blame the Republicans and their divisiveness.

    > They voted 10 to 3 to suspend him indefinitely.

    Indefinitely? That’s some hard core Shibari. But as long as there was no Ikebana, Sumi-e or Chanoyu.

  • If your god was competent enough to provide a sufficiently clear indication of its wishes there wouldn’t today be thousands of different sects.

  • Anri

    Hamilton claimed that the Bible makes slavery seem permissible and that some text should be read in its cultural context.

    “God’s word got this bit wrong, but fortunately I’m here, so everything’s better now.”

    I suppose religion does become significantly easier when you decide you only have to listen to the bits you already agree with.

  • As always I wonder what African attitudes towards homosexuality were before colonialism.

  • Arthur F. Meincke

    As far as I know is that the Methodist old fogies are dying off and they are losing members and no replacements. The sooner the better. All their hokus pokus over nothing, wanting to return to the Dark Ages of religious nonsense and superstitions.

  • Arthur F. Meincke

    The biblical stories used for reference are fairy tales Mother goose kinder spiel.

  • Ann Kah

    Hatred is responsible, not “sodomites”.

  • Freethinker

    There is no Method to their madness.

  • sweeks

    Sadly, some people think the bible is non-fiction.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    But much madness to their Methodism…

  • Raging Bee

    “I believe in inclusion, but do we really gotta include THOSE people?!!! Suddenly you aren’t inclusive of MEEE!!!”

  • Matt G

    Seriously. He’s written squat in the last 2000 years. Well, except for the Book of Mormon.

  • John Grove

    This dude sounds really pent up. He could use a little astroglide himself.