Doctors revive ‘dead’ pastor; ‘divine providence’ & prayer credited

Doctors revive ‘dead’ pastor; ‘divine providence’ & prayer credited January 24, 2020

IT’S an all-too-familiar tale; an individual owes his or her life to the skills of first-aiders and medics, but Team Jesus takes most of the credit.

This week both the religious and secular media went into “miracle” overdrive after Christopher Wickland, 47, pastor of Living Word Pentecostal Church in Fareham, Hampshire, revealed this week that he’d “died” of a heart attack after trampolining last November, but that he came back to life after people around the world started praying for his recovery.

Image via Facebook

One Christian outlet, CBN News, said that Strickland collapsed at the Flip Out trampoline park. After he was rushed to hospital his wife Tracy immediately posted about her husband’s condition on social media and asked if people could start praying for him.

I put it on Facebook and it was amazing because hundreds of people from around the world contacted me and told me they were praying for Chris.

She added that while park staff and doctors did an “incredible job,” her husband would be dead “if it wasn’t for all these people praying.”

Even the the BBC decided it would run with this malarkey. Wickland posted on his Facebook page:

So tomorrow and Tuesday the BBC are interviewing us again for ‘Close Calls on Camera.’ They are giving our story the main segment of the show. Our story will get 15 mins of a 30 min show Wow.

After it was broadcast, someone called Maggie Spielman said:

Watched on South Today!! All glory given to God and the Word of God proclaimed!!! Hallelujah!!!

Wickland was jumping at the trampoline park with three of his youngest children when he became ill and collapsed.

The park’s staff quickly administered CPR to Wickland but he had stopped breathing for 15 minutes.

The staff used a defibrillator four times to restart his heart, and he was taken to the intensive care unit of St Mary’s Hospital.

Wickland spent almost 48 hours in an induced coma. He woke up on a Sunday morning just as his church was conducting their morning services.  When informed that their pastor had awakened, the congregation launched an immense celebration with wild applause and tears of relief.

Said Wickland:

This is a miracle that is all down to divine providence and the very quick actions of some people. My congregation and other Christians around the world were also praying for me. All this power was harnessed to keep me alive. I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.

Speaking about his recovery, Wickland said:

I’ve been checked out by the doctors several times now and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. They can’t believe that I died for so long and there’s no permanent damage.

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  • Götterdämmerung

    These religious nuts really are thick, this Pastor didn’t actually die and if it wasn’t for science, he would be dead.

  • Anon

    My favorite part about all of these things. If the guy had died it would be that idiot doctor’s fault, but since he lived it was an act of God.

  • Arjan Stam

    Death: the *_final_* cessation of life. The guy beat the definition. A miracle. Sure. Christian logic.

  • Kevin Pennington

    let’s try this again and see if you can figure out which word I replaced to get it past the censors.

    “but that he came back to life after people around the world started praying for his recovery.”

    How long was he dead for the world to start praying for him? Several days? That is a miracl… oh wait, they’re saying he was only dead for 15 minutes before paramedics revived him. Well, thank GOD for killing him in an location that had trained medical staff not far away that were available to save his sorry tuchus.

  • Tawreos

    It means that before most people even heard of it he was alive and in the hospital. Miracle!

  • Tawreos

    I wonder when god is going to perform a miracle that doesn’t require a huge hospital bill that always accompanies magic healing?

  • Barry Duke

    The naughty word was a**s.

  • llDayo

    I’m sure a tax-free collection was taken up to help out his family with the medical expenses his church funded health insurance is already going to pay for.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Since it happened in the UK the huge hospital bill would have been paid by the NHS. The miracle is that in a time of national penury that organisation was set up at all. It has often been called the nearest thing to a national religion in the UK.

    They can’t believe that I died for so long and there’s no permanent damage.
    Presumably the brain damage occurred before the accident.

  • larry parker

    Nobody has ever recovered from a heart attack without prayer. /s

  • Freodin

    15 minutes?
    I thought the guideline was three days. And what is this CPR that they are babbling about? That’s definitly not in the Scriptures.

    I smell demonic intervention.

  • Bob Jase

    Next time skip the medical treatment & let him stay dead.

  • Jennny

    His NHS treatment was completely without cost. But the defibrilator would only have been in place at the trampoline park due to fund-raising by local people to have it put there. We who fundraise for defibs would be delighted to receive a generous donation from the church to place one in another location that will be a life-saver to others.

  • persephone

    He wasn’t even dead9 for 15 minutes. He stopped breath9ing for 15 minutes, but the park employees used CPR on him. If not for them, he would be dead9. But, hey, let’s thank all the people and God for not doing a thing.

    I started watching Dr. Pimpl9e Popper’s episode last night, and one patient said thank you, but said it was all God’s doing. I hate9 this. I really do.

  • Ann Kah

    “No permanent damage”, my a$$. I read that article connecting religiosity with brain malfunction. Now what is the excuse for your wife (who actually went on Facebook rather than to her husband) and congregation? Was EVERYBODY on the trampoline?

  • Broga

    It seems that the miracles only do the small stuff. Anything more and the miracles don’t work. When the prayer replaces an amputated arm then we can take them seriously.

  • Barry Duke

    Sorry, this time you got help up by the Disqus police for using the word “k**l

  • Stephen Harvie

    Surely his God wanted him dead? How presumptious of these Christstains to go against the Divine Plan!

  • Jim Jones

    > The naughty word was a**s.

    Umm, what word? ‮ssa‬ arse ??

  • Jim Jones

    Prayers by 100 people plus CPR and a defibrillator? God is wonderful.

    Prayers by 100,000 people and no other help? God called him home.

  • Meurig ap Gweirydd

    If he never uses his brain how would he notice if there was any damage?

  • Kevin Pennington

    Yeah, I forgot we have to uses phrases like “Everything is green and shiny in the world of Trump” or it gets flagged as bad.

  • Rann

    Let’s be accurate. the NHS DOES come with a cost! The difference is that the cost is paid through national level taxes, that’s all.

  • Brian Shanahan

    When ye lot reaccept English rule?

  • Norman Parron

    How is ass a naughty word? It is an animal! How is arse a naughty word as it is an important part of the human body! Damn! People are so strange in their belief that words are magic so can’t be said.

  • Old Harry

    I guess this is why the competent medical practitioners no longer consider a stopped heart ‘death’, anymore, along with not using leeches to cure fever or bleeding to cure anemia.

    Death is an endpoint, and the mere fact that CPR exists despite its great cost is strong evidence in support that his fool is just braying to the herd.

  • Barry Duke

    This article will help explain the lunacy behind Disqus’ censorship of “naughty” words:

  • Lauren Greene

    In effect, the kristers informed their cosmic sky wizard that he had matters arranged all wrong.

  • Arthur F. Meincke

    Nothing Fails LIke Prayer. Take a walk…

  • John Thunderer

    Why did the park staff waste their time with CPR and defibrillating him four times?
    Why did they bother taking him to hospital for doctors and nurses to waste their time?
    Why didn’t they just pray over him and leave it to their invisible friend to heal him?
    Surely taking him to a hospital is an indicator of a lack of real true genuine “faith”?

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    It would be interesting to get someone like a doctor to explain what acutely happens in a case like this. My knowledge is sketchy based on long ago first aid courses. the heart stops and cpr is applied so oxygenated blood is pumped around the body. If the heart as stopped beating that is not death as I said I am not absolutely sure but it seams to me he wasn’t dead. There was a you tube video a few years ago with claims of divine intervention in a heart attack in an Australian airport de fib never worked after the medics tried for ages and lo and behold jc was seen entering the back of the ambulance and the man lived. Some one sent me this to prove that god was real when I pointed out it had been proved to be a complete fabrication several times and the procedure that they claimed the medics used was wrong he got upset poor little lamb

  • Steve Garth

    A heart attack is the death of a section of the heart muscle. This can cause the heart to malfunction so severely that the victim has a cardiac arrest (the heart stops pumping blood). This lack of blood circulation depletes the oxygen supply to the brain and the brain switches off, this causes a lack of any movement including breathing. CPR is an external method which forces a circulation of the blood (very inefficient, but just enough) and so attempts to stop any deterioration of the brain (and other organs to a certain extent). It rarely restarts the heart, but it can. CPR buys time for t he paramedics and doctors to attempt to restart the heart. The defibrillator is a device which measures the heart function, and if the heart is in fibrillation (working but completely out of sync and so not effective at all) the defib can give a shock to get the heart back into sync. Obviously in this guys case it worked. However, what caused the cardiac arrest, the heart attack itself, is still there, so careful care is required. It appears thta they induced a coma to rest the heart. As the coma was induced, coming out of the coma was decided by the doctors who reduced his sedative medication when it was safe to do so.God had no hand in this at all, in fact, if there is a God, he caused the heart attack and cardiac arrest in the first place. Mans medicine and inventiveness saved this man.

  • Robert McLean

    All Hale the Defibrillator!

  • Hermes Brookover

    The story would not have even made the news had he died. He needs to thank the people and their motivation to be the kind of people that want to practice medicine in order to make the world a better place. His god has never once made the world a better place.

  • Hermes Brookover

    the naughty word in question is used frequently in the bible in reference to donkeys, or mules, yet we cannot use it in here. the thought police need to grow the expletive deleted up. And stop with the grammar knotzi stuff.

  • Hermes Brookover

    if you were to get said donation, they would require you to put the defib in their church. I would much rather let god handle their health emergencies.

  • Penelope_Paige

    Thoughts and prayers do not cure people, if that were the case there would be 1000’s of victims across the globe that would be rising from comas and graves and be walking amongst us again.

  • Raging Bee

    No, no, no, those other people didn’t pray to the correct version of the correct God. Prayer works, but you gotta do it EXACTLY RIGHT.

  • Raging Bee

    They had to do all that to get God’s attention so he’d hear their prayers.

  • digital bookworm


  • digital bookworm

    Nonsense. I have it on good authority (from every R I know) that people have to wait years before any emergency life saving medical treatments are done.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    On the bbc south local news a young girl who had just done cpr training at school saved her dads life his heart had stopped for 30 mins daughter did cpr passer byes helped until para medics arrived no mention of god and prays just a brave girl some descent people and professional medics