‘It’s not Adam and Steve’. London councillor sparks investigation.

‘It’s not Adam and Steve’. London councillor sparks investigation. January 29, 2020
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COUNCILLOR Aron Klein, inset above, is being investigated by the Conservative Party’s head office for alleged homophobia.

According to the Hackney Citizen, Klein, a Stamford Hill Tory councillor, caused a furore last week after saying “No thank you” to LGBT education, as well as singling out Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville (Lab & Co-op) for his sexuality.

Despite condemnation from Glanville, and the local Conservative federation saying it was “looking into the matter”, an email from Klein to the media over the weekend bore the tired old homophobic taunt:

It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Just tell Philip Glanville to stop crying like a innocent cheep [sic] was attacked by a wolf. I am not homophobic, neither misogynist. I don’t care who people juggle around with.

When informed the investigation the Citizen, Klein appeared to deny having written this himself, responding within minutes:

This was a mistake past [sic] from a email I received.

When pressed for further clarity, he claimed he had received abuse from somebody else, and then accidentally forwarded the phrase to the media as the subject line of an email that contained his response to accusations of homophobia.

Klein claimed that he had met with the chair of Hackney Conservatives Jack Sutcliffe and that the matter had been resolved.

This subject is now cleared. I am in peace with both the Mayor and the party.

It is not clear whether Klein was aware that he is under investigation by his own party when he wrote this message.

Image via Hackney Labour Party

Last week shouts of  shame’ were heard in Hackney Council’s chamber as Mayor Glanville, above, read out words written by Klein that alluded to Glanville’s homosexuality.

The Mayor chose to speak out following publication of comments by Klein rejecting LGBT education as “confusing” for children.

Klein had sent an email to the Hackney Gazette in response to coverage of the council’s attempts to more tightly regulate unregistered Jewish faith schools, or yeshivas by education watchdog Ofsted.

Klein claimed that the introduction of Ofsted regulation would give students at yeshivas “ideas of atheist, gay, early childhood sex” and went on to reference Mayor Glanville’s own sexuality.

I believe he is gay. Good luck to him. No thank you. We don’t want Ofsted coming mixing, confusing our children. For us it’s Adam and Eve. A man and a woman. A boy and a girl.

Glanville used Klein’s own words against him in a broadside against bigotry

We reiterate the commitments we made to stand up to hate, whether it’s antisemitism, Islamophobia, or indeed homophobia. Anyone who has opened the Hackney Gazette recently will see that there are people in this chamber who don’t share those values, and make cheap attacks, including on me.

I would use some of [Cllr Klein’s words] to say politely no thanks to you, Mr Klein. No thanks to your bigotry, no thanks to your view on the Carnival, no thanks to your views on bus lanes, red routes, our diversity, the role of Ofsted or myriad other things.

It’s also a no thank you to your view of morality. You do not have a view of morality that is suitable for this chamber or this council. When you question Ofsted, you’re questioning our commitment to keep all of our children safe.

Rights groups Stonewall and the LGBT Foundation have now both added their voices in criticism of Cllr Klein’s remarks, with the latter organisation underlining that LGBT education or the lack of it does nothing to change young peoples’ sexual orientation or gender identity, but that not receiving it may cause confusion or shame for LGBT students about their own identity.

Emma Meehan, Assistant Director of public affairs at the LGBT Foundation, said:

Cllr Klein’s comments are deeply disappointing, and do a great disservice to his LGBT constituents. Every school should be a place where young people are able to grow and learn about themselves and others. It is a place where every child should feel they have a right to exist and feel safe.

Stonewall also blasted Klein’s remarks, underlining the importance of children being able to:

See themselves reflected and know there is a place for them in society.

Josh Bradlow, the charity’s head of policy, said:

Teaching about LGBT families helps all young people grow up knowing there’s nothing wrong or unusual about being LGBT and helps prevent the anti-LGBT bullying that remains widespread in our schools.

Comments like Cllr Klein’s can perpetuate a false assumption that there is a divide between people of faith and people who are LGBT. Many people are both.

We work closely with a variety of faith schools, providing training and support so they can ensure all pupils feel accepted, included and able to reach their full potential.

The Conservative Party’s code of conduct commits its elected representatives to “support equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion” and to “encourage and foster respect and tolerance”.

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    So EVERY hetero couple must go by the name Adam & Eve? No wonder my marriages failed…

  • Joe_Buddha

    Ah, so his name was Eve. No WONDER I was so confused.

  • Old Harry

    The Conservative Party’s code of conduct commits its elected
    representatives to “support equality of opportunity, diversity and
    inclusion” and to “encourage and foster respect and tolerance”.

    Yeah, because every child has the same opportunity to attend Eton and Oxbridge, and be a member of the Bullingdon Club.

    That is the exact opposite of what the BoJo and Moggy the Child Catcher stand for, so why just pick on one of their bigoted members for being unfashionably prejudiced?

    The Tory Face of Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion:


  • barriejohn

    So he clings to the primitive idea, taught in Genesis, that all animals (though we can’t really define ” an animal” any more) were created “male and female” (Gen.1 & Gen.6)? And here’s an interesting question for him: If man was created “in the image of God”, with whom does God himself have sex?

  • flexilis

    George Takai: “It was Adam and Yves.”

  • Bob Jase

    Because nothing shows how educated, intelligent and up-to-date one is more than citing a 2500 year old myth as true.

  • Gussie FinkNottle

    The real question here is why Adam is so enamored of that Ken doll in the cartoon.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Some 13 year old named Mary.

  • *Takei

  • flexilis

    Thanks, corrected.

  • Michael Neville

    Klein does not have the Old Etonian look. I’d guess he’s more likely to be Stamford Hill Yeshiva.

  • Jim Jones

    If Eve was made from Adam’s baculum, she has his DNA and is his identical twin.

  • Robert Conner

    Said Aron Klein, the clown with the banana curls. Barking mad, the lot of ’em.

  • HematitePersuasion

    Maybe we could import some of those UK conservatives to reform our own right-wing maniacs here in the US?

  • Old Harry

    As a Tory, you can be sure he stands for whatever goes as privilege in their circles, and will be protected as their token, unless someone has video of him singing, “Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead!”

  • orion dumptee

    me thinks he has the seriously KWAZEE look…and what a natty dresser,did he just step out of Brooks Bros on Madison Ave ?

  • Michael Neville

    Klein lives in London. Surely he gets his clothing from a Savile Row tailor.

  • C_Alan_Nault

    “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

    If you only want a single partner, sure. But if you want multiple wives and a bunch of concubines for sex, that’s OK too.

  • Steven Watson

    This’ll go nowhere fast or morph into an inquiry into anti-semitism in Conservative Central Office. Seriously, what do you expect of an Orthodox Jew?

  • orion dumptee

    his tailor shop is on clapham high street….

  • If we are in the “image of god”, shouldn’t that mean that we’re all invisible?

  • Michael Neville

    Gent’s Natty Suitings.

  • David Cromie

    These were the members of the Bullingdon Club during BoJo and Cameron’s time at Oxford.