Lawsuit claims Mother Teresa shielded a predatory priest

Lawsuit claims Mother Teresa shielded a predatory priest January 1, 2020

A LAWSUIT filed in California yesterday (Tuesday) alleges that Mother Teresa vigorously defended her ‘spiritual advisor’ – a priest known to have abused numerous young boys in various locations around the world.

In 1994, Teresa of Calcutta, now a saint, wrote a letter to Fr Donald J McGuire’s superior, the Jesuit provincial, supporting McGuire and refusing to believe abuse allegations against him. In that letter, Mother Teresa noted that McGuire:

Admitted imprudence in his behavior.


We, in the Missionaries of Charity, will do all in our power, to protect him and the Priesthood of Jesus Christ, which he bears, when he once more takes up his mission with us. I am full of hope that you will send Fr. McGuire to continue his ministry to the Missionaries of Charity as soon as is possible.

The ghastly old fraud’s support McGuire, whose predatory behavior stretched back to the early 1960s, came to light in in a lawsuit filed by attorney Jeff Anderson on behalf of Robert J Goldberg who alleges that McGuire sexually abused him:

More than 1,000 times, in multiple states and countries.

The Jesuit priest touted his connection to Mother Teresa as a way to gain people’s confidence so he could “access kids and violate their trust.”

McGuire was serving a a 25-year federal prison sentence for molesting minors when he died in 2017.

According to the lawsuit, Goldberg was 11 when he first met the priest in 1970 in Chicago. Subsequently McGuire hired  him as his personal assistant. When Fr. McGuire moved to California in 1976, Goldberg and his family followed along.

At times, the priest would share the boy’s bed at the family home. Much of the alleged sexual abuse happened as Goldberg traveled with McGuire to spiritual retreats. The abuse included “sexual touching, oral copulation and anal penetration,” the lawsuit states.

In a videoed press conference yesterday Anderson said Jesuit provincials knew of pederasty allegations against McGuire, but kept him in ministry for years, shuffling him across the country and letting him travel around the world.

Thus, this lawsuit names the Jesuit order. It also names the archdiocese of San Francisco [because] it gave permission to Donald McGuire and the Jesuit order to allow him to work here.

Anderson presented reporters a map of the world with red dots representing places where McGuire allegedly perpetrated the abuse. It included:

• Sexual abuse in Austria and Germany in the 1960s
• Abusing a boy at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Wisconsin in 1968
• Molesting two boys at Loyola Academy in 1972 (McGuire was later convicted in 2006 on these allegations)
• Repeatedly abusing a boy in Phoenix, Arizona and Barrington, Illinois from 1988–1994, beginning when the victim was nine years old
• Abusing five minors while stationed at Canisius House in Evanston, Illinois, 1989–2003

As Teresa’s spiritual advisor he helped screen potential candidates for the Missionaries of Charity, the order she founded.

Last year, the Jesuits’ Midwest Province included McGuire’s name on a list of credibly accused clergy involved in sexual misconduct.

Goldberg’s lawsuit comes after the state of California expanded the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse victims. In October, lawmakers decided to suspend the statute of limitations for three years, allowing victims to file civil suits for abuse that happened decades ago. The three-year window begins January 1.

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  • Jim Baerg
  • Broga

    Is she a saint yet? I have lost touch as there are so many responding to prayers, curing ills (no replacement amputations yet), and becoming the centre of so many convenient money making scams as the suckers flock to the whatever it is that the Pope does. For the sceptics, and there are probably some reading this, the evidence of a miracle is rock solid as it is confirmed by real doctors and somebody called a Devil’s Advocate.

  • Brian Shanahan

    She’s a saint, and the miracle “proving” her sainthood is so solid the doctor caring for the patient said her ailment was cured through normal medical procedure. All hail yhwh for ensuring the doctor was fully trained and competent!

  • RainbowPhoenix

    Gee, why am I not surprised.

  • persephone

    She guaranteed her sainthood by sending to the Vatican bank much of the money given to support her charity. She feared the fires of Hel9l and knew she needed beatification to save her sorry ass9.

    The Vatican only cares about money. They’ll protect ped9ophiles and rapis9ts until it costs them too much money.


    Yes, that is true. In addition to THE MISSIONARY POSITION, Christopher Hitchens did a great job of exposing Mother Teresa in GOD IS NOT GREAT.

  • Broga

    Christopher Hitchens did a great demolition job on the saintly fraud who denied pain killing medicines to suffering mothers. She said suffering was God given and desirable. Except for her, of course.

    Malcolm Muggeridge, a UK know all, “discovered” and invented her and by that I mean he believed what he wanted to believe. She was a big money spinner for the Vatican and a great source of RC recruits.

  • Broga

    As the costs rise the support declines and they are ready to throw the previously protected into the slammer if that has a financial benefit.

  • In the modern era, the path to sainthood in the RCC goes through the Bahahmas or Switzerland.

  • anxionnat

    BTW, no Devil’s Advocate for MT–seems as if that’s not a normal part of saint-making anymore. Like trying a rapist without a prosecutor, I guess. MT and others got confirmed by such a sloppy procedure, with forgone conclusions, even cradle catholics like my mom were outraged. Didn’t stop mom from being buried near a statue of the (mythical) saint Juan Diego, though.

  • barriejohn

    I find this allegation totally unbelievable – viz. that there was only one. Come on, everyone; use some common sense!

  • Jim Jones

    > She said suffering was God given and desirable. Except for her, of course.

    When her poor ‘patients’ were sick they got old medicine, injected with syringes washed in cold tap water.

    When she was sick, she flew first class to Switzerland or the US for the finest treatment money could buy.

  • Michael Neville

    Considering the Catholic priesthood’s reputation for sexual abuse of children, nuns and sundry others, I find your disbelief to be based on nothing but wishful thinking.

  • Erik1986

    I believe barriejohn is being sarcastic.

  • barriejohn

    I like to see the good in people – hahahahaha!!!!!

  • Broga

    When she died £10 million had disappeared, supposedly contributed for her “good works.” No one knows where it went, or where it still is. We do know that it didn’t go to help the poor.

    Any suggestions on its location or how it was used and by whom are welcome.

  • Raging Bee

    I understand your confusion — there seem to have been a LOT of people made into saints recently, including Pope JP-II.

    Didn’t the Church used to have a rule saying they had to wait 50 years after someone died before even considering him/her for sainthood?

  • Broga

    I think the rules have become rather more flexible:

    “Since his death, John Paul has been put on a fast track for sainthood. Usually the road to becoming a saint is measured in decades or even centuries. However, Pope Benedict XVI waived church rules that normally impose a five-year waiting period after a candidate’s death before the procedure that leads to sainthood can start.

    This weekend Pope Francis will canonize a man who protected and enabled paedophile priests, and Pope John Paul II will become a saint. In so doing, the Roman Catholic Church will honour a man who failed to protect innocent children from rape and sexual abuse.”

    I wonder what JP’s miracles were?

  • Broga

    This saint has been shamefully neglected and he deserves to be resurrected.

    “Patron Saint of Atheists

    Saint Otteran (or Oran) was a monk who lived on the tiny, beautiful Scottish island of Iona, a sacred isle which became a burial place for Scottish and Viking rulers. When Saint Colomba was exiled from Ireland in 563, he founded a monastery on Iona with several companions, one of whom was Saint Otteran.

    Legend has it that Saint Colomba’s attempts to build a chapel on Iona were thwarted as the building was mysteriously destroyed every night. A voice told Saint Colomba that the chapel could not be completed until a man was buried alive in the foundation. Obliging soul that he was, Saint Otteran volunteered for the task and was buried alive so that the chapel could be finished.

    Some time later, Saint Otteran, whom all had supposed to be long dead, pushed his head up out of the floor and informed the congregation that contrary to popular belief, there actually was neither a heaven nor a hell. Saint Colomba, aghast at this impertinent revelation, pushed Saint Otteran back into the ground and had him buried more securely beneath the chapel, where he remains to this day.”

  • Flint8ball

    I’m surprised how often I still here “Mother Teresa” as a positive descriptor of one’s character. Hopefully soon it will be flipped in everday vernacular. I’m going to start using it appropriately. “You MFer! You’re a real twisted Mother Teresa. Now F off!”

  • Not only is the Catholic church, since corruption of Constantine, at least, built as a haven for men and women pretending to a cruel, unattainable “spirit” of life, but the spirit-crushed believers allow it. Men who are forced by a ridiculous ban on sex have kids in a candy shop–so to speak. Women, even if abused by their authorities, will take out their self-loathing on their students. The Church believes (or pretends for pleasure) that you can beat unwanted behavior out of kids. Mother Theresa was a joke like all saints. But she was especially cruel and made sure the people she watched die never had real healing nor money for it. And she was wealthy and buddies with dictators.

  • Jim Jones

    Ironically, for a woman who lost her faith, her legacy is yet another chapter of nuns begging for resources which are almost all wasted.

  • RoP

    Apparently, her discernment capabilities were deeply flawed or seriously deficient in this area.

  • S. Arch

    Same old, same old…. Just more news about Catholic priests sexually abusing children…. News that the clueless Catholics in my part of the country will never hear about.

  • Andrea Fitzgerald

    My thoughts exactly!

  • Raging Bee

    JP’s miracle was being a deeply reactionary Pope making a deeply reactionary Church look hip, energetic and progressive, if only for a moment or two here and there. And that’s why they ditched their own rules to canonize him: it was NECESSARY to keep the miracle going. Sort of…

  • ILR

    Why would this surprise any one? Virtually ‘everyone’ in the church was doing the same, defending rapists and pedophiles, and had been doing it for centuries. And Mother T was really a very unpleasnt person according to people who actually had to be around her.

  • Broga

    And Constantine supported Christianity for cynical political convenience. Plus ca change…..

  • Broga

    But where Popes and priests are concerned that can be difficult.

  • Raging Bee

    He’s not quite dead yet…

  • Broga

    That must be the result of the nuns praying for him. He was said to be on the point of dropping off the perch when he legged from the Vatican. Some cynical and unworthy people, such as myself, thought he might also want to avoid questions about predatory, priestly, pederasts.

  • Maybe Hitchens was correct that religion poisons everything.

  • David Cromie

    That old fraud Mother Teresa once proclaimed that ‘suffering is beautiful’ (except when it came to her, of course, s she jetted around the world for medical treatment for herself, treatment that she denied to the children she was watching die for lack of it).

  • barriejohn

    Suffering is “the kiss of Jesus”, don’cha know?

    If this little bunch of idiotic quotations doesn’t turn your stomach, nothing will:

    “I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people.”

  • anna lisa

    I found this article on a Catholic website. After reading everything including the comments, I couldn’t help but wonder about the echo chamber here, despite the name of the blog.

    “In that letter, Mother Teresa noted that McGuire:
    Admitted imprudence in his behavior.”

    Holy sh*t, can you imagine that scene?–Old dude hangs his head in shame, saying “Mother, I’m so ashamed, I have committed imprudence in my behavior.”

  • Flint8ball

    Yes. Are you familiar with Mother Teresa’s conduct during her life?

  • I am familiar with her conduct during her life, and I disagreed with much of it. My objection is to how you speak of her or how you speak to others who might resemble her. Speaking uncivilly is very unlikely to persuade those who liked her to re-evaluate her. In fact, it is likely to destroy any good discussion you are having.

  • Flint8ball

    Ah. Yes, i was being a bit facetious.

  • David Cromie

    Suffering certainly did not ‘help’ the dying children in her ‘care’. One has to wonder what reason she had to take them off the street in the first place, other than to glorify herself, and her ‘order’ of nuns. Are they any better ‘cared for’ now that Teresa is dead?