Disgraced evangelist teams up with a crank to sell a quack ‘cure’

Disgraced evangelist teams up with a crank to sell a quack ‘cure’ February 15, 2020

AN unqualified naturopath teamed up last Wednesday with a disgraced televangelist to flog a product to  ‘cure’ a variety of viruses, including the coronavirus.

Images via Jim Bakker and YouTube

The guest on Jim Bakker’s show was “Dr” Sherrill Sellman who dropped into his studio to help him shift bottles of  Silver Solution for a “donation” $125 “or more”.

Now here’s a thing: Dr JoAnn Yanez, Executive Director of the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC), told Newsweek that Sellman has not met the educational standards that the organisation requires.

Sellman “is neither a graduate of an accredited naturopathic medical program, nor has [she] obtained a doctoral level degree from a program recognized by the US Department of Education,” Yanez wrote in a statement to the news outlet. “[Her] online profile mentions graduating from the Trinity School of Natural Healing (AKA Health), which is not accredited and confers ‘degrees’ not recognized by any governmental institution. ‘Graduates’ of these programs are not considered licenseable [sic] medical practitioners.”

Yanez further requested that Newsweek reiterate that Sellman is not a graduate of any institution accredited by AANMC.

Newsweek contacted Sellman via her website for further comment and clarification but did not receive a reply before publication.

According to its page on Bakker’s website, Silver Solution is a product that:

Works faster, longer and more efficiently than other silvers to support your immune system.

Information on the website does not state how the product is to be used. The label states that the solution contains deionized water, but no other ingredients.

However, similarly marketed products also include colloidal silver which according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) provides no known health benefits. Writing for Gizmodo, Ed Cara said:

To be clear here, there’s absolutely no evidence that taking colloidal silver will keep you safe from the new coronavirus, nor “boost” your immune system. Chronic doses of silver, on the other hand, will build up in the body and cause your skin to turn permanently grayish-blue, a condition known as argyria. Ingesting it can cause side effects including argyria, or discoloration of the skin or other tissue, and poor absorption of other medications by the body.

Bakker is an evangelist who has made headlines in the past for his involvement in a scandal in which he paid a church secretary “hush money” to keep quiet about an alleged rape. He was also convicted on felony charges. Bakker is noted for his unswerving support for Donald Trump. He has repeatedly defended the President against criticism, and he stated in 2017 that there would be a second American Civil War if Trump were to be impeached.

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  • Jim Jones

    Is there nothing Bakker can be arrested for?

  • laura1919

    “Accredited naturopathic” program??

    Chalk that one up alongside “accredited chiropractor”, “accredited palmist”, “accredited acupuncturist”, or “accredited exorcist”. In other words, utterly meaningless.

    Here’s some useful information on naturopathy: https://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Naturopathy/naturopathy.html

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Great News ! Let’s send Bakker and Sellman and a planeload of “Silver Solution” to Wuhan ASAP !

    There’s bound to be some good news come out of that.

  • johnsoncatman

    Maybe if he endorsed Bernie, they might come for him.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Jim Bakker is also well known for peddling overpriced buckets of tasteless chow to gullible preppers. Speaking of overpriced, did you know that you too could ride the gravy train to success on the backs of a terrified and not very inquisitive public? That same $125 could buy you an electrolysis power supply and enough distilled water and bulk silver to distribute mass quantities of your very own snake oil; prolly an equal amount for a piece of paper instantly certifying you as a “Quantum Nanocrystal Healer”, from a disapproved academic institution. You don’t even need to risk your marks turning their skin blue through “misuse”. Just stuff the product into tiny sealed vials, hang them on a decorative chain as a pendant, and assign them a ridiculous value, with some unspecified claim of enhancing immunity by reacting to “bio-fields” of some sort.

    Anyway, just an idea that I’ve been kicking around for fun. Can’t take advantage of it myself because, as an atheist, I am simply not moral enough to lead the sheeps to their regular shearing, and instead of being personally guided by a higher authority, have to fall back on appeals to common dignity and flawed institutions of worldly laws.

  • Matt G

    When a quack tells you another quack isn’t up to the first quack’s standards, you know you’ve got a problem. Say, whatever happened to “honor among thieves”? Aren’t frauds supposed to have other frauds’ backs?

  • Rennyrij

    Laura1919, are speaking of All chiropractors? Because here in PA, and perhaps even moreso in NY State, chiropractors must complete some strict schooling in the field, 4 to 7 or more years, before being eligible to take the State Boards exams, much less being eligible to “hang out a shingle”. They are not “fly-by-nights”. You can find out by searching on-line, what courses they are required to take, and which colleges offer those courses. They are not penny-ante schools! Perhaps you are speaking of “accredited” vs. “registered” chiropractors – but you do not say that. I’m so tired of people putting Chiropractors down, without identifying which kinds they are talking about, or which states their unsatisfactory practitioners are from. Shouldn’t you should mention which of the 50 US States your dismissal of practitioners as “less than properly capable” refers to? Don’t you think it’s kind of lazy, to let one group of “rotten apples spoil things for the whole barrel”?