OMM pick another fight with Disney, this time over witchcraft

OMM pick another fight with Disney, this time over witchcraft February 22, 2020

OMM stands for One Million Moms, a nutty US outfit which forms part of the anti-gay hate group, the American Family Association.

Its name suggest it has as army of followers, but it reportedly comprises just ONE individual, a conservative Christian prodnose called Monica Cole.

Cole’s main mission in life is protect youngsters from the LGBT “agenda”, and in the past has targeted Disney for attempting to “normalise” the “LGBT lifestyle.”

Last year, Cole called for a boycott of Toy Story 4, stating that the House of Mouse “blindsided” families by subtly including LGBT characters and undertones in the film.

Cole – dubbed “One Meddling Mom” by LGBT advocacy group GLAAD –is gunning for Disney again, this time over its new animated series The Owl House, which she claims is “evil” and “demonic”.

Images via YouTube

Cole, above right, says it portrays witchcraft in a positive light and accuses Disney of introducing children to “to a world of demons” while inundating their minds with:

Secular worldviews that reflect the current culture.

The new series follows a teenage girl named Luz, who discovers a portal to a demon realm and battles the forces of evil.

Cole’s campaign webpage (not loading at the time of writing, possibly because of demonic influences) reads:

The show makes light of Hell and the dangers of the demonic realm.  Even the previews and commercials include such content that makes it difficult for families who watch Disney Channel to avoid the evil content completely.

The first episode is more than enough for most Christian families to realize that ‘The Owl House’ … is not a cute, funny show.  [R]ather [it is] an extremely dangerous one.

Deborah Bunting, an op-ed contributor for the Christian Broadcasting Network, has written that:

The Owl House is so beyond Cinderella it’s not even funny. The show tries to portray witchcraft as a positive tool to fight evil. That’s similar to what real-life witches have been promoting over the past few years as they’ve been putting hexes on President Trump and others in order to fight for their beliefs.

Folks, if you think this latest “Owl House” show is just “fantasy and fun,” think again. Over the years, Disney has gone farther and farther into the darkness of the spiritual world that opposes the living God, coming up with programming and characters that lead the vulnerable into that dark world of deception.

In 2017, Cole  launched a petition opposing a Disney XD series that showed several gay characters kissing.

She’s now launched a petition against The Owl House, but that too is not working.

Pesky demons at work again, huh?

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  • Matt G

    The irony – that it is she who believes in witchcraft – is completely lost on her.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    The demons are running amok the withes and the gays are taking over. At least according to some of the nut jobs around today. I as an atheist see witchcraft in a positive light. A colleague is a witch and a really nice person who allowed me to cry on her shoulder recently when I had some bad news. she may have some nutty beleifs but she as a very soft shoulder when needed

  • Matt G

    I’ll bet she’s never turned you into a newt, has she?

  • John Pieret

    Yes she did! … but I got better …

  • John Pieret

    Cole, above right

    She has a really animated personality …

  • Barry Duke

    Nope. Her sole talent is to turn stomachs.

  • What level she has?. I also like how she (the woman of above) ignores there’s tolerated witchcraft in the Bible, and how some claim “witch” there is a mistranslation for “poisoner” (and it gets better).

  • johnsoncatman

    I am guessing that OMM and CBN don’t like the very popular and generally beloved Broadway show Wicked.

  • raven

    Over the years, Disney has gone farther and farther into the darkness of the spiritual world that opposes the living God,..

    That living god of hers can’t be very powerful.
    It can’t even defeat not real cartoon demons made up by Disney.
    Fictional demons are representations of real demons.
    Real demons don’t exist either, being fictional as well.
    So her xian gods can’t defeat fictional demons based on…fictional demons.
    If her gods can’t even defeat imaginary demons, then why call them gods?

  • johnsoncatman
  • DingoJack

    Dear Monica Cole,
    (That almost undetectable riffle in the atmosphere is her tiny, tiny, tiny, mind exploding)

  • Anri

    I wonder what will happen when these people (this person?) encounters anime for the first time.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    A *classic*

  • frostysnowman

    Um…does she realize this show isn’t a documentary?

  • Steven Erickson

    Has Cole ever headed over to Netflix and learned that LUCIFER is popular enough that a fifth season is now in production? Oh, the smelling salts!

  • guerillasurgeon

    Here’s an idea mom – forbid your kids from watching it. I’m sure they’ll avoid it like the plague.Heh heh.

  • Joe_Buddha

    Basically, one too many ‘m’s. Oh, and thanks for the “prodnose” vocabulary word. I’ll definitely have to find a way to use it.

  • Carstonio

    Hexes on Trump? Don’t I wish. If witchcraft actually existed, any practitioner who casts a Bat-Bogey Hex on him deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor.

  • Rann

    or Good Omens or…..

  • raven

    Or the American Freedom Medal, the one Limbaugh just got.

  • Jennifer

    Don’t blame her for this one.

  • Barry Duke

    Along with lung cancer. Thoughts and prayers go out to this fascist:

  • Khanh Ho

    Not quite sure bout that explosion as these people are often hypocrites

  • WallofSleep

    “Cole – dubbed “One Meddling Mom” by LGBT advocacy group GLAAD…”

    I prefer the moniker On Malignant Mom.

  • guerillasurgeon

    “The list includes Nobel laureates like Elie Wiesel and Mother Teresa, and once-in-a generation creative minds like Maya Angelou, Georgia O’Keeffe and Walt Disney. Or civil rights figures like the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner. Add to that Neil Armstrong, the first human on the moon, and Jonas Salk, who saved entire swaths of the planet from certain paralysis by inventing the polio vaccine.”
    Jesus – I didn’t realise Mother Teresa and Walt Disney had been it. Still I guess they were a little bit less open in their moral transgressions.

  • gedediah

    …inundating their minds with: Secular worldviews that reflect the current culture.

    Yes, yes. That’s exactly what sane people would do.

  • ManxStuart

    I’d describe OMM as a Micky Mouse organisation, but wasn’t, Micky Mouse introduced to the world in Fantasia, as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

  • TheBookOfDavid

    It was admittedly a pretty tough cel.