Another US anti-abortion extremist sticks his nose into UK’s affairs

Another US anti-abortion extremist sticks his nose into UK’s affairs March 19, 2020

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FOLLOWING our March 15 report that Roger Kiska, of the Christian Legal Centre, was voicing his anger over an exclusion area outside a London abortion clinic, comes news that another American – ‘pro-life’ congressman Chris Smith, above – is demanding that the British government reverse its decision to impose UK abortion laws on Northern Ireland.

According to far-right Christian website LifeSiteNews, Smith has written to the UK Secretary of State for N Ireland calling on him to refer the province’s abortion laws back to the region’s own devolved government. In a letter co-signed by fellow members of Congress Andy Harris, Ann Wagner and Vicky Hartzler, Smith wrote:

Abortion on demand is not the will of the people in Northern Ireland, and if it were, Northern Ireland has a duly constituted Assembly by which it can balance equities and legislate on the matter.

Since 1967 and the passing of the UK Abortion Act, N Ireland has been the only part of the UK where abortion has remained presumptively unlawful, and the province’s devolved government in Stormont, Belfast, rejected all attempts to liberalise its abortion laws. This forced women to travel to England and Wales to seek terminations. Government statistics showed 1,053 women travelled in 2018.

The N Ireland government collapsed in 2016, when the Sinn Féin party pulled out of government. In the absence of a devolved government in N Ireland, the UK government then imposed abortion legislation on the province last year.

The N Ireland government has now resumed, and the US politicians called for the issue to be referred back to the local government after Smith met N Irish political leaders from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), including Ian Paisley, Jr, son of the DUP’s founder, Ian Paisley.

The letter claims that the legislation “fails the most fundamental test of any act of government,” as it:

Neither reflects nor respects the will of the people, who have a right to expect that their Government act in their interest, and carry out their will.

The N Ireland politicians noted that the legislation will mean that the province now has “a far more liberal abortion regime than currently exists in the other constituent parts of the United Kingdom” and said it:

Runs counter to the fundamental democratic principles of self-governance and self-determination.

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Homophobe Paul Givan, above, one of the N Irish politicians who met with Smith, tweeted that he welcomed this “significant intervention” from the US congressional leaders. Givan said “Westminster’s actions are wrong on the issue of abortion” and that the abortion legislation:

Is  an attack on Northern Ireland’s democratic institutions.

Givan, a member of the Free Presbyterian Church, is an ardent creationist who, in 2008, successfully campaigned to allow schools to “explore alternative theories to evolution.”

Liam Gibson, political officer in Northern Ireland for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), told LifeSiteNews that it was:

Excellent that Chris Smith and his colleagues have pointed out the lack of legitimacy in what has happened to the people of Northern Ireland and the appalling abuse of power that the Westminster political establishment has shown, not only to unborn children, but to the rule of law.

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Gibson, above, told LifeSite that the move to force through decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland was a direct response to the situation in the US as it is developing.

The pro-abortion lobby in the UK expects Roe vs Wade to be overturned very soon …. That’s why they have moved to consolidate the abortion law within the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, the best way for people in the United States to help the pro-life cause in Northern Ireland and around the world is by fighting abortion at every level and exposing it for the tragic injustice it is in every instance.

Our Kiska report, by the way, attracted a record number of comments – over 240. Many of these were from anti-abortion trolls.

Correction: In this and our previous report mentioning Kiska, we wrongly stated that he is connected with the an outfit called Alliance Defending Freedom, which has written to point out that “Although Mr. Kiska worked for us many years ago, he hasn’t been employed by ADF for a very long time.” It was an understandable error as I took the information from ADF’s own website, as well as from here and here.

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