‘I’m not being a jerk for Jesus,’ says pastor who won’t shut church

‘I’m not being a jerk for Jesus,’ says pastor who won’t shut church March 23, 2020
Image via YouTube

LEAD pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, Greg Locke, above, posted a video on YouTube at the weekend in which he complained that Facebook had removed a post in which he announced his church would remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Christian Post Facebook notified that him that:

Your post goes against our Community Standards in coordinating harm and promoting crime.

In his YouTube kvetch Locke said he wasn’t “being a jerk for Jesus” by insisting that his church stays open.

The Post elaborates on the story, saying that Locke “cannot afford to close his church.” The pastor was quoted as saying:

It seems like every single day the government is giving us new mandates and suggestions from 100 people gathering to 50 people gathering to 10 people gathering and it’s all about social distancing. You know, sometimes pastors have some very difficult decisions to make on behalf of their sheep and their church.

Our church is going to respond in a way that I realize many people are going to be critical of. We have to do what we feel is in the greater context and demographic of our local church.

A lot of churches are closing up their doors during the coronavirus scare. And I get it. It’s a difficult decision. We’re online, they’re online, a lot of people are watching as livestreams are growing in abundance and I’m grateful for that outreach in the kingdom. However, here at Global Vision, we do not believe that it is going to fit the context of who we are to close our services. We will continue to livestream but we are going, not in defiance, not in rebellion, we are going to remain open.

What do we know about Locke. Well, for starters he’s extremely transphobic and homophobic – and he abused his wife before throwing her over threw for a new model.

From RationalWiki:

Locke came to prominence when he criticized Target’s decision to provide gender-neutral toilets. Locke’s prophetic and godly status was somewhat tarnished when it was reported that he cheated on his wife with the church secretary and packed the wife and children on a bus out of town so he could focus on the sinful delights of his new girlfriend. He eventually divorced his wife to marry his girlfriend …

He has been roundly criticized among other things for abandoning the Church of the King James Version, but much more seriously for having allegedly abused his wife both physically and psychologically.

Image via YouTube

He has also been accused of not being hateful enough towards LGBT communities by hate preacher Steven L Anderson, above. After the shocking massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, Orlando, Anderson said:

The good news is that there’s 50 less paedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and paedophiles.

In a 2017 blog post, Anderson wrote:

Not only is Greg Locke a mainstream neo-conservative, but he is extremely politically correct in his preaching. In his response to the Orlando shooting, he lumps homosexuals in with Blacks like they are just another minority group and condemns Christians who said the incident was the judgment of God. In that same video where he expresses his condolences to the entire’LGBT community’, he brags that he just had a ‘gay’ man in his church service that morning.

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  • larry parker

    not in defiance, not in rebellion

    Just because you say so doesn’t make it true.

  • Michael Neville

    The boy likely has alimony and child support payments to make. He can’t afford to close his doors.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    He’s being a jerk for his own ego.

  • kaydenpat

    Perhaps someone should tell Locke that he can receive donations online and then he’ll be comfortable closing down his church.

  • “Church of the King James Version”? They worship a book? I thought they were supposed to worship a deity. If I was going to worship a book, it would be something believable, like Lord of the Rings, or I, Robot or The Belgairad.

  • Awww, Greg.

    It seems like every single day the government is giving us new mandates and suggestions from 100 people gathering to 50 people gathering to 10 people gathering and it’s all about social distancing.

    Your own state, run by fundagelicals like you, has done no limiting other than to “strongly discourage” groups of over 250. There’s no mandate in TN –the governator thinks ‘personal responsibility’ will get this done. And now comes Greg Locke to show how well that will work.

    We have to do what we feel is in the greater context and demographic of our local church.

    Based on his church videos, a decent percentage of his church is an older demographic. And given that a church’s main mission is to rake in cash, I mean get people to heaven…yeah.

    We will continue to livestream but we are going, not in defiance, not in rebellion, we are going to remain open.

    For Covid-19, Global Vision Bible Church=All You Can Eat.

    Times like this, all you can do is let go and let Darwin. Oh well. And stay out of TN.

  • Nope, he’s being a disease-vector for Jesus. And a jerk.

  • raymond metcalfe

    lots seem to like the KJ bible why I do not know it isn’t the easiest thing to read, perhaps that’s it attraction that it sounds very complex and someone is needed to explain to the flo9ck

  • Lauren Greene

    That’s an excellent point you made.

  • steveiam

    He IS being ‘a jerk for Jesus.’ Of course, he is a jerk anyway.

  • BertB

    Just like Trump.

  • Ohyetwetrust

    virtue signaling, too. “God thinks my ministry is better than yours” and “I’m special.”

  • Ohyetwetrust

    Governor of Michigan was induced by the Christian Nationalists there to carve out an exemption so that the Mega and rightwing churches could meet.

  • Ohyetwetrust

    the God Virus is affecting him. No vaccine for the God Virus and the raptures and delusions it causes but logic, reason, thinking for yourself.

  • Ohyetwetrust

    he’s the one who is hysterical, as in believing things that are not true–and acting on them.

  • Any time somebody says, “I am not a bigot/racist/crackpot/homophobe/jerk for Jesus”, you can count on two things: first, that person is whatever they deny they are, and, second, that the next thing out of their mouths is, “I have friends who are immigrants/not white/gay/non-Christian”.

  • They confuse archaic language with speaking with formal authority.

  • Connie Beane

    With these guys it’s not about God, it’s not even about ego, it’s about $$$$.

  • Mike Curnutt

    “You know, sometimes pastors have some very difficult decisions to make about fleecing their sheep.”

    There. Fixed it for him.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    He’s a conservative Christian. He’s ALL ABOUT mass hysteria. You just seem to get dumber and dumber with each post.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    Bullshit69, liar.

  • Lauren Greene

    I believe they don’t think laws apply to them because they’re used to having exceptions made for them and being pandered to.

  • Lauren Greene

    Fear and hysteria are what wing nut xstains thrive on. The commenter is a m0r0n of epic proportions.

  • Lauren Greene

    I can’t see what he said but I know he’s dishonest.

  • ILR

    Actually yes, you are being a jerk – youre just worried about donations drying up and you need your ego fix from standing up in front of people and telling them what they have to do

  • DeadBabyJoke

    He said that shutting down society is unwarranted. I disagree. I’d prefer methods to prevent infections and making the pandemic potentially worse than it could be.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    He’s a whiny, deluded, wilfully ignorant, lying crybaby dipshidiot69.

  • Lauren Greene

    And D E E P in the closet.

  • Lauren Greene

    Unwarranted? WTAF. I shouldn’t be surprised by what comes out of these m0r0ns’ gobs.

  • Lauren Greene

    Someone got so upset they’re following me to blogs just to downvote my comments. It’s rather comical how they fail to realize how insecure that makes them look.

  • TankaS

    Happens to the best of us, Lauren 🙂
    I’ve had troll-stalkers too, as many here probably have.

    Think of how sad and desperate they must be… to find purpose in following a stranger just to “downvote” them…

    We all know how awesome you really are!

  • DeadBabyJoke


  • DeadBabyJoke

    He’s SO deep in the closet, he’s finding Christmas presents!

  • DeadBabyJoke

    Yeah, conservative Christians are just telling people that this is a hoax and to act recklessly to “own the libtards!1!” These are the same cocksuckers69 who simultaneously assert that this is a punishment from God, and claiming that God can protect and heal people of the virus, which has NEVER happened in the history of mankind. And instead of actually doing anything, conservative Christians just offer worthless tots and pears, which accomplishes exactly NOTHING. And the person who’s supposed to do something about this pandemic is an incompetent religious nut who DELIBERATELY ignored an HIV outbreak until it got so bad, he was FORCED to act! And what does this kkkunt do as soon as he’s there? He prays!? As if that is going to do anything! That is doing FAR, FAR more to destroy society and the economy than shutting everything down. At least it’s responsible, unlike what the conservative Christians are wanting to do.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    No, that would be the lying snowflake who would rather ignore reality to “own the libtards?!1!1!”

  • Lauren Greene

    From childhood.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    And other people’s childhood.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    Yeah, that’ll prove that they aren’t triggered snowflakes!

  • Lauren Greene

    I can pity them but that’s all.

  • Lauren Greene

    From several generations back. It’s a deep closet indeed.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    It goes so far back, he caught the strain of the Plague from the Black Death!

  • Lauren Greene

    All these grifters, I mean evilvangelicals, and their different stories about what their magic man in the sky said (reminds me of all the wing nuts who said sky pappy told them to run for President). He’s either got a sense of humor or they’re making shirt up as they go along. Since sky pappy isn’t real it has to be the latter.

  • Lauren Greene


  • DeadBabyJoke

    They’re making it up as they go along because they have no evidence that their Magic Sky Wizard is real.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    That’s nothing. I once had the troll “Politically Incorrect” threaten to stab me because I mocked Jizzsus on Friendly Atheist.

  • Lauren Greene

    Their reaction said it all. I wonder if they ever figured that out.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    That would be an emphatic NO!

  • Lauren Greene

    That individual’s faith isn’t weak at all.

  • Ohyetwetrust

    said the yo-yo who has a fool for an medical advisor.
    Go ahead, infect lots of people. Have you been tested?
    Your kind are part of the problem.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    No, not at ALL.

  • DeadBabyJoke
  • Arthur F. Meincke

    You’re an all around jerk and incredibly stupid too.