Nigeria needs science, not futile praying says Governor’s wife

Nigeria needs science, not futile praying says Governor’s wife March 24, 2020

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IN A blistering attack on religion, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, above, wife of Ondo State Governor, said that all the praying over Coronavirus was a waste of time and that Nigerians needed science to deal with their problems.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday, the courageous Akeredolum, who holds a Master of Science degree, said:

Indeed, Coronavirus has humbled the world’s religions and Nigerians whose lives depend on praying and fasting for miracles to happen in this digital world of science and technology.

When I said that I was more than convinced that religion is man-made and a bastion of sexism, which has subjugated women, festered gender inequality, stifled progressive thinking, retarded development and invariably added little or no value to our lives, I was called unprintable names.

 I remain unshakeable with my conviction.

She added:

This virus has proved me right, to a large extent. Nigerians, in particular have invested so much in religion that amounted to nothing. Period!

Now that a deadly virus is ravaging the world, where do we look up to? Science or religion? It is glaring that the foreign religions over which we are killing ourselves in Nigeria have failed the world in this season of anomie and only science can save mankind.

Akeredolu urged Nigerians to be hygienic and report any person showing Coronavirus symptoms to the nearest hospital for necessary treatment and also observe effective hand washing, with soap and running water, to avert the disease.

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