Pastor attempted to hire a hitman to kill a church leader & a judge

Pastor attempted to hire a hitman to kill a church leader & a judge March 3, 2020

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AFTER Pennsylvania youth pastor Jacob Malone, above, was jailed for impregnating a 16-year-old girl he allegedly offered $5,000 to anyone who would kill pastor Harold Lee Wiggins, his boss at Calvary Fellowship Church in Exton.

According to this report, the 37-year-old blamed the mega-church’s head for reporting his crime to the authorities.He also tried to hire an assassin to eliminate Jacqueline Cody, the judge who presided over his sexual assault trial.

Malone was serving three to six years in state prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting the teenage girl who gave birth to his child, Chester County’s District Attorney Deb Ryan revealed.

While inside, he offered $5,000 for someone to kill Wiggins, and also told a fellow inmate that he would be willing to offer additional money for the murder of Cody.

He was particularly infuriated by the judge who handed him a stiffer sentence than one that he’d bargained for.

Malone has been charged by state police with attempted murder, criminal solicitation, attempted aggravated assault and terroristic threats.

Ryan said:

The District Attorney’s Office is deeply concerned about these extremely serious allegations.

The former pastor was initially arrested in January 2016 after the girl gave birth to his child and implicated him in sexually assaulting her.

She thought of him as a father figure, but he took advantage of her “mentally, physically, spiritually,” she told police, saying the “godly man” proved himself:

Something else when no one was watching.

Malone pleaded guilty in April 2017, expecting a plea-deal sentence of two to four years, the paper said.

But Judge Cody surprised him at sentencing, rejecting the lighter sentence and handed him a three to six year sentence, because the victim wanted him to serve more time for what the judge called his “inexcusable” crimes.

Malone is still serving time in State Correctional Institute Phoenix in Skippack Township, Montgomery County.

In a Facebook post, Ryan revealed:

On February 18, 2020, Pennsylvania State Trooper Patrick Hauser contacted an inmate inside SCI Laurel Highlands. He reported that the defendant told him he “wanted to get revenge on the people involved in his case.” He told the defendant to “put it behind him.”

Trooper Hauser then contacted Chester County Detective John O’Donnell on February 20, 2020, regarding this incident. O’Donnell reported that he met with another inmate after he received letters from him about an alleged murder for hire plot.

The inmate told the detective that the defendant had attempted to arrange for the murder of Wiggins and Cody while they were both incarcerated at SCI Laurel Highlands. Trooper Hauser reviewed the letters sent by the inmate and initiated the criminal complaint.

The defendant was arrested on February 26, 2020, and is currently incarcerated awaiting a preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Kenneth Johnson in Somerset.

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