MyPillow CEO excoriated for his White House sermon

MyPillow CEO excoriated for his White House sermon April 2, 2020

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MIKE Lindell, above, who used used a COVID-19 briefing at the White House to preach to the nation and advise them to read the Bible while in quarantine, has been sharply rebuked in a letter sent to him by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The letter, signed by FFRF co-Presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, amusingly threw a Bible quote at Lindell:

Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows (Ezekiel 13:20 KJV.)

They said:

That verse is directed against false prophets, but from our point of view, you are the false prophet. You are falsely mixing government with your religion. You are falsely maligning our great secular nation. You are free to disagree with us, but you are not free to enlist the power of government to settle the argument.

After accusing Lindell of abusing his presence at the briefing – “you used it as a self-conscious opportunity to hawk your personal holy book and betray America’s founding values” –  FFRF said:

You called on Americans to ‘read our bibles,’ as if all Americans respect the bible or consider it to be a reliable source of truth. You may not know this, but many of us who do not embrace the bible actually score better than Christians on tests of religious knowledge. That is why many of us are nonreligious.

We would like to encourage you to read the bible. Not just a few popular verses, but all of it. From the ‘begats,’ through the genocides, rapes, pestilences, murders, and worse that were commanded, condoned or committed by the bloodthirsty god you pretend to worship.

FFRF also pointed out that Lindell asked permission to read something he “wrote off the cuff.”

This betrays that you knew better. It wasn’t off the cuff. It was off script and inappropriate.You were at a presidential task force briefing, standing in front of the White House behind a presidential seal. With the full power, prestige, and imprimatur of the federal government – of We the People –  you exploited the invitation to promote your personal religion as if you were doing an infomercial for your pillows.

Americans tuned in to this briefing to receive critical information about the survival of our society and species … What you said was wrong. Like many evangelical Christians, you seem to belaboring under a persecution complex when you argue that: ‘God had been taken out of our schools and lives. A nation had turned its back on God.’ This sloppy attack on our secular government misses several important points.

FFRF added:

First, your god was never taken out of our schools or lives. Citizens are free to worship (or not) as we please. America was not founded on God; it was founded as a secular nation under a godless constitution that draws its power from the people.

Preserving a neutral government is not ‘taking God out.’ Our founders could have done what other nations had done and set up a government based on a god or a  creed. Instead, they chose to keep religion and government separate. The ‘wall of separation’ between state and church is a great American original. We invented it.We should be proud of that fact, not belittle it in the White House.

Meanwhile Lindell, whose company was hit with a $1-million fine in 2016 for false advertising, has gone on record saying he believes the devil is trying to bring down his company’s website.

On a radio show on Tuesday hosted by evangelical hate preacher Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, he said:

My website, we’ve never had this happen. It keeps breaking, things keep happening, and it’s just – I just think it’s the devil. I mean, it’s evil attacking MyPillow because it knows we’re winning … We’re winning. We’re bringing God back to the country.

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