Moldova: church frightening people with mad conspiracy theories

Moldova: church frightening people with mad conspiracy theories May 25, 2020

Image via Orthodox Church of Moldova

THE Moldovan Orthodox Church (MOC), headed by Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and all Moldova, above, stands accused by the country’s national Ombudsman of threatening social order and denigrating medical services by spreading ‘meaningless fantasies’.

The Ombudsman, according to a report today in, issued a statement after the church railed against any moves that would make vaccinations for COVID-19 mandatory, should such a vaccine ever be produced.

In a letter to the government the MOC said:

Public opinion in many European countries is protesting against the mandatory vaccines, especially the vaccine against COVID-19, because it is considered a way of the global Antichrist system to introduce microchips into people’s bodies, with which to control them through 5G technology.

The MOC blaming Bill Gates for creating:

The micro-chipping technology through a vaccine that introduces nano-particles into the body, which react to waves transmitted by 5G technology and allow the system to control humans remotely.

A member of the Eastern Orthodox Church is presented with an ornate tin foil hat. Image via Facebook

The Ombudsman dismissed these claims as rubbish, saying:

The public launch of messages referring to dangers in the area of conspiracy scenarios is a reckless act that can generate panic and adverse consequences for social order, as well as insecurity and distrust in the country’s medical services, thus thwarting the efforts of the authorities to combat the epidemic.

The Ombudsman called on the leadership of the MOC to stop sending out messages that could have a detrimental effect on public health, social order and human rights.

Commented the MP Radu Marian:

These lies are not just meaningless fantasies, they are extremely dangerous because they fuel people’s scepticism about the efforts of doctors and researchers to get rid of this calamity called COVID-19. And this, dear Church leaders, endangers human lives!

In another letter to the government the MOC attacked lockdown measures issued by the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission, which said that religious ceremonies must continue to be held in churchyards until June 30.

The church said:

We have been looking forward to lifting more restrictions, and that postponement is outrageous, disgusting and even embarrassing … If you like to call yourselves Christians, why didn’t you follow the example of Georgia or Bulgaria, which did not interrupt the religious ceremonies and have a lower mortality rate? … Why didn’t you follow the example of Spain and other states that were much more affected and still allowed 30% entering in churches since last Sunday?

The letter claimed that a denigration campaign was launched against the MOC, by using such expressions as “outbreaks of infection”, “insanitary spaces” and “medieval practices” in the officials’ messages addressed to the population.

The MOC is also miffed that it was excluded by the government from decision-making in regard to COVID-19, and petulantly warned that it, in turn, will retaliate by using “canonical and moral right” to exclude lawmakers from church services.

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