Israeli bus driver may be sacked for sharing his Jesus delusions

Israeli bus driver may be sacked for sharing his Jesus delusions June 13, 2020

Image via The Southeast Asia Subregion of the Catholic Biblical Federation

DESPITE having been warned once by his employer not to share his faith in Jesus with passengers, an unnamed Kavim bus company driver in  Israel may get canned after repeating the offence.

Kavim apparently came under pressure from “anti-missionary” elements and issued the following statement:

The matter is known to the company. Considering that this is the second complaint on this matter, and after the driver failed to cease his activity, he has been summoned to a disciplinary hearing and the company will weigh whether or not to continue his employment.

A video clip of the driver telling passengers that belief in Jesus is in line with the Jewish faith began  gaining steam on Hebrew-language social media on Tuesday.

The driver also said that Islam and the Koran cannot be considered in the same vein as Christianity, as they goes against biblical values.

Regarding women, Jesus was so respectful of women. But in Islam, Mohammed married something like 20 young girls. Whatever was for his benefit, he would say that God had approved it. And you [Mohammed] say you believe in the 10 Commandments? Then why in the Koran do you also say to commit murder? Where did you learn that?

Several of the passengers can be heard asking the driver to shut the fuck up, but he carried on regardless, telling those who didn’t want to hear to:

Please put on headphones.

One of Israel’s largest Internet news portals, Ynet, later ran a TV segment on the incident in which they interviewed a passenger who was angry over what he saw as “missionary activity.”

The passenger, who refused to give his name, claimed that the driver’s sharing of his faith in Jesus was “illegal”, apparently because there were children on the bus. In fact, it is not illegal for someone in Israel to publicly share his or her faith, no matter what it might be. It is illegal to specifically target minors for conversion.

Many commenting on the Ynet clip on YouTube indicated that they, indeed, saw no difference between those preaching Jesus and those preaching the dictates of the rabbis.

Said one:

What a bunch of losers are those who complained about this. What do you care what the driver had to say? Hypocrites. If he had been talking about girls or sex or drugs or politics, no one would have cared.

Ah … drugs! Back in 2008 a Kavin driver was arrested for selling hashish and ecstasy to passengers.

Image via YouTube

Quick to enter the christard driver debate was Ron Cantor, above, of the newly-launched and very controversial GOD TV in Israel. He said:

While we don’t condone badgering people who don’t want to listen, it is interesting to see the response from Israelis. While the same anti-Messianic group, Yad Lachim, has tried to shut down our new Hebrew language cable channel, it is clear that the average Israeli is not at all threatened by it. Israel is a free and democratic country!

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