May 8, 2021

IN the late 1970s, self-appointed Christian Morality Supremo Mary Whitehouse suffered a backlash after she successfully brought a private prosecution for blasphemous libel against Gay News. Stung by hostile reaction to the prosecution, Whitehouse began screeching that “everything good and true” in Britain was being undermined by “the humanist gay lobby”. Of course, no such lobby existed except in the deranged woman’s fevered brain, but in 1979 George Broadhead, then a member of the Campaign for Homosexuality (CHE), said “let… Read more

May 7, 2021

BRITISH actor and singer Laurence Fox, above, son of evangelical thespian James Fox, has lashed out at church leaders, claiming they aren’t adequately defending the rights of Christians. Fox, who last year established a new right-wing political party called Reclaim, has ambitions to become the next Mayor of London. In an interview with Premier, he said it’s up to individuals whether they wear masks or sing in church. And he said leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, have been too… Read more

May 6, 2021

TODAY saw America mark its annual National Day of Prayer, a silly tradition dating back to 1952,  but for the first time in years, no prayer service was conducted at the US Capitol. Why? Because the building is closed to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, Christianity Daily presented the closure as an aggressive move against Christian worship. Under the headline “Biden Administration Won’t Allow National Day Of Prayer To Be Held At US Capitol This Year” it quoted… Read more

May 6, 2021

A ‘PROPHETIC Standards Statement’ set up by a bunch of conservative Christian leaders in the US has ruffled feathers among the many pastors who wrongly prophesied that Trump would win the 2020 election. One of those who attacked the Statement is all-round crackpot, QAnon conspiracy theorist and dominionist prophet Johnny Enlow, above, who wrote on Facebook: Enough months have gone by since the election of 11/3/2020 that it is worth revisiting some important truth. There is actually no ‘waiting to… Read more

May 5, 2021

AFTER his release from jail at the weekend, Kansas Representative and substitute teach Mark Samsel, above  –  charged with a misdemeanor battery for allegedly kneeing a teen in the groin – issued a lengthy statement in which he decried media coverage of the attack and insisted that he was acting out of concern for the mental health of America’s youth. The statement, really more of a sermon, came after the state of the Republican’s own mental health was called into… Read more

May 4, 2021

AFTER police found the mummified remains of Amy Carlson, above, draped in Christmas lights they were told by members of a New Age cult she led – Love Has Won – that she was ‘in stasis’ and ‘out of communication.’ The discovery late last month of the body of the woman known as “Mother God” in a mobile home in Colorado led to the arrest of seven members of the cult accused of  tampering with deceased human remains and the… Read more

May 3, 2021

DONALD  Trump instantly springs to mind when one thinks of a deranged world leader who surrounded himself with religious lackeys, conspiracy theorists and charlatans touting absurd cures during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mercifully, the deranged tyrant is gone, leaving the media to concentrate on India’s answer to Trump – Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an arrogant, authoritarian Hindu nationalist who steered a similar course that’s now plunged the country into an unimaginable nightmare that’s left more than 220,000… Read more

May 3, 2021

A SOUTHERN Baptist preacher who authored a book about invigorating people’s love for their local churches has been forced to leave his own church in disgrace. T Elliott Welch, above, senior pastor at the First Baptist Church of Stanleyville parted company with his congregation last week after he was charged with child pornography. According to The Christian Post he stands accused of copying a video of a young girl being raped by an adult male. In a statement posted on… Read more

May 2, 2021

A CLASSROOM discussion in Kansas about sex and religion, lead by Republican lawmaker and substitute teacher Mark Samsel, above, turned violent when the devout Christian targeted a pupil and allegedly kneed him in the groin. The incident at Wellsville High School that led to Samsel’s arrest on Thursday was reported as “an altercation” by various local media, but in a video statement Samel said it was no such thing. He insisted it was all planned as an exercise in “performance art.”… Read more

May 1, 2021

THE vision of the Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, is simple:  ‘We exist to Reach Up, Reach Out, and Reach In.’ Well, during the time that 51-year-old Lara Lynn Ford, above, worked as finance manager for the church operated by pastor Ed Young (net worth $11-million) she did a lot of reaching in to Fellowship’s coffers – to the tune of almost $1.4-million. According to The Christian Post, when she was  first questioned by police about money that she’d embezzled,… Read more

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