April 9, 2021

IN recent weeks there’s been another furious response to the use of Muhammad cartoons – this time in an educational setting, at Batley Grammar School in Yorkshire. There is nothing new about cartoons being used as a device to poke fun at the religious. They have been a contentious source of blasphemy prosecutions and allegations ever since technical developments enabled their mass print production. An early example is Leo Taxil’s La Bible Amusante, which satirised what Taxil regarded as biblical… Read more

April 9, 2021

AFTER apologising for visiting a notoriously anti-gay church in London last week, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer found himself at odds with one of his Bible-believing MPs, Stephen Timms, and the pastor at Jesus House, Agu Irukwu, both pictured above. Starmer apologised for a visit to a vaccine centre set up the church, claiming that he was unaware of its record of demonising LGBT communities and offering deliverance from homosexuality ‘therapies.” That apology, according to Irukwu – “a high-decibel opponent of LGBT+… Read more

April 8, 2021

JUBILATION among Christians over the recent release from jail of a pastor who refused to comply with Alberta COVID-19 mandates turned to fury yesterday when authorities began erecting a barrier around his church. The Edmonton Journal reports that Alberta Health Services (AHS) began shuttering pastor James Coates’ GraceLife Church yesterday after it defied provincial public health orders for months. Close to 50 people showed up to support the church throughout the morning while several others drove by shouting support for… Read more

April 7, 2021

BACK in 1949, Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti thought it was a good idea to give the Catholic Church greater control over what cinema audiences in his country could watch. The result of giving the Church power to ‘moralise’ the cinema was that hundreds of films were banned outright, and thousands more censored. But 23 years after the bizarre comedy Totò Who Lived Twice was prosecuted for “religious defamation” because church leaders threw a wobbly over its “blasphemous” content, Culture Minister… Read more

April 6, 2021

WHAT happens in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities and cults like the Jehovah’s Witnesses are often kept secret, and dealt with internally without the involvement of outsiders. So the alleged sexual exploits of a recently honoured Israeli  – Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, above – were ignored for years. But, according to YNet News, his abusive behaviour reached such pitch that a “purity patrol” in the his Mea Shearim neighborhood – the Committee for Preserving Our Camp’s Purity – decided enough was enough and considered… Read more

April 4, 2021

  POLISH priest Artur Pawlowski, above, went batshit crazy when cops showed up at his Alberta, Canada, church to check for COVID-19 violations at an Easter service. Video of the incident at the Cave of Adullam Church shows Pawlowski screaming repeatedly at officers who entered the church. According to Faithwire, Pawlowski said: Police came to disrupt Church gathering! Gestapo came again to intimidate the church parishioners during the Passover Celebration!!! Unbelievable. Pawlowski became emotional, saying: Nazis are not welcome here!… Read more

April 4, 2021

AMHERST, in solidly Democratic Massachusetts, appears an idyllic place to live: lots of fine dining, culture, diversity, chilled-0ut college kids – and several medical/recreational cannabis outlets that opened after 74 percent of the town’s population voted to decriminalise pot. All was cool and dandy in America’s top college town until the Amherst Chinese Christian Church got wind of the fact that a new neighbour intends setting up business soon, growing weed inside a nearby 1,800-square-foot greenhouse. Then, according to this… Read more

April 3, 2021

OWNING neither stocks or shares, the world of high finance interests me not one jot. So when I learned this week that a New York-based  investment firm called Archegos Capital Management was in deep shit due to some shenanigans I can’t begin to comprehend, I quickly moved on in search of material more suited to the Freethinker. That’s when I saw this headline in the Christian Post: ‘Evangelical billionaire benefactor Bill Hwang’s wealth wiped out in Wall Street disaster.’ Turns… Read more

April 2, 2021

IF Britain had a Bible Belt, Northern Ireland would be its buckle. So it’s no surprise that Core Issues Trust (CIT), a Christian charity which seeks to ‘liberate’ members of LGBT communities from ‘unwanted sexual attractions’ should choose to base itself in a province that once tried to ‘save Ulster  from sodomy.’ As someone who has experienced first-hand the devastating results of faith-based “gay-to-straight” interventions, I – as a member of the National Secular Society (NSS) – fully supported its… Read more

April 1, 2021

A BAPTIST Church Pennsylvania is wriggling on the hook this week in an attempt to explain away the sexism that led to a parishioner being disqualified from joining a fishing trip. Trouble began after Bethel Baptist Church in North Union Township, Fayette County, held a raffle at the weekend for various prizes, including a fishing trip. Keen on fishing and hunting, Emily Smaniotto, above put her name forward, as did another woman whose name was drawn first. Said Smaniotto: She was… Read more

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