July 15, 2021

THERE has been widespread upset about the damage and desecration of memorials in the UK with a recent spate over the summer of 2020. It has long been considered that the law is not sufficiently robust in this area and the government intends strengthening the existing law by introducing  the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021. AS I understand the proposed legislation, the purpose is to enable courts to assess such damage without being restricted, as at present, by… Read more

July 15, 2021

ANDY Williams, above, a former member of the Christian rock band Casting Crowns, was on his way to church on June 27 when he suffered life-threatening injuries in a motorcycle crash. This prompted Grace Chapel, William’s home church in Fairview, Tennessee, to call for prayers for the former drummer’s recovery, and last Friday – just after his death was announced – the church made the astonishing claim that “all of our prayers were answered.” The 49-year-old was put on a… Read more

July 14, 2021

IN 2008, Katrina Spade, above started questioning conventional means of disposing of human corpses and began researching environmentally sustainable alternatives to the $20-billion US funeral industry, which she considered toxic and dehumanising. That research led to the creation of  the world’s first human-composting funeral home – Recompose – in the city of Seattle in Washington state. Recompose can turn a body into around a square meter of soil (the equivalent of several wheelbarrows’ worth) in just 30 days. This saves… Read more

July 13, 2021

VETERAN  film ‘provocateur’ Paul Verhoeven, above, hit back at the weekend at Catholics who have condemned his latest movie Benedetta as ‘blasphemous’, not least because it contains scenes in which a statue of the Virgin Mary is used as a dildo. The Basic Instinct and Showgirls director, told reporters at the Cannes film festival that he had nothing to be ashamed of. In response to social media outrage as well as negative reviews in conservative news outlets, the Dutch 82-year-old… Read more

July 12, 2021

PAULINE  Bauer, owner of a Pennsylvania pizza parlour, has been ordered to present herself in person before a judge after she allegedly made disrespectful remarks when she first appeared in court last week via a video link. During the proceedings Bauer told magistrate judge Zia M Faruqui: I am here by special divine appearance, a living soul. I do not stand under the law. Under Genesis 1, God gave man dominion over the law. Prosecutors allege that Bauer took part… Read more

July 11, 2021

A FRAUDULENT operation started by a former jailbird to ‘cure’ homosexuals last week lost an appeal against a $3.5-m judgment imposed upon it in 2015. Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH) was started in 1999 by Arthur Abba Goldberg, above, who was found guilty in 1989 of numerous felonies in multiple jurisdictions. The charges ranged from federal mail and wire fraud to conspiracy counts as a result of a bogus bond writing scheme. He served an 18-month sentence and… Read more

July 10, 2021

TODAY Christian Premier News excitedly reports that crackpot creationist Ken Ham is to launch a fundraiser to to enable him to build a replica of the mythical Tower of Babel adjacent to his silly Ark in Kentucky within the next three years or so. My initial reaction was this is hardly news, for I remembered reading back in 2019 that Ham had already held a ground-breaking ceremony for the building, but that the project was plagued with problems. So I… Read more

July 9, 2021

HUNGARY is becoming crazier as each day passes. It’s now in the news for fining the distributor of a children’s book about same-sex ‘rainbow families’ because it apparently did not carry a content warning. Author of Early One Morning, American science fiction and fantasy writer Lawrence Schimel, above, described the move as: A direct attack on freedom of information and the freedom to publish. A local government official said the distributor had misled customers because the book,  which features a… Read more

July 8, 2021

IMAGES such as the one above leave me wondering whether bishops engage in contests to see who can flounce about in the most extravagant costumes. It’s almost as if they’ve just stepped off the set of Pose, an award-winning American TV series about drag balls in the 1980s and early 1990s. I discovered the pic on Grace + Truth, where, in 2013, John Kuhrt wrote: Despite growing up in the C of E, I have never got used to the… Read more

July 8, 2021

THE Academy of the Holy Names  in Tampa, Florida – headed by Kevin P Whitney, above – has been accused in a lawsuit of straying from core Catholic values by a couple who pledged $1.35 million to the institution. At a fundraising gala in 2017, Anthony and Barbara Scarpo announced their pledge to their “cherished” academy attended by their two daughters. Then things turned sour. They are now alleging that the academy has “lost its way” by distancing itself from… Read more

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