September 14, 2008

A DECISION by the Church of England to apologise directly to Charles Darwin for exposing him to ridicule over his theory of evolution has been met with howls of derision. According to the Mail on Sunday, in a bizarre step, the C of E  will address its contrition directly to the Victorian scientist himself, even though he died 126 years ago. Church officials compared the apology to the late Pope John Paul II’s decision to say sorry for the Vatican’s… Read more

September 13, 2008

A FEW weeks back, veteran British writer and social commentator Kathleen Whitehorn, a guest  on Radio 4’s A Point of View, spoke in support of voluntary euthanasia. I have posted a recording here. She concluded a powerful argument by saying: I used to have a sort of Hollywood vision of my deathbed. I would lie on my pillows, pale but brave, and forgive my enemies on the grounds that nothing would infuriate them more. I know now that I am… Read more

September 12, 2008

SHOULD Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal be in fear of his life? Quite possibly. The Omar Sharif look-alike  – a billionaire businessman and member of the Saudi royal family whom Forbes ranks as the world’s 13th richest person – owns Rotana, one of the most popular of Arab satellite networks – and satellite channel owners, according to a top Arab judge – ought to be murdered. A judge calling for people to be done away with? Well, we are talking here… Read more

September 12, 2008

ATHEIST comedian Robin Ince made the horrible mistake last year of agreeing to participate in a debate staged by ITV’s London Talking. The subject was to be “Is Britain becoming more secular?”, but was changed at the last minute to “Who is taking the Christ out of Christmas?” Despite all his efforts to convince the audience that, as an atheist, he wasn’t against Christmas, but was utterly opposed to the barrage of nonsensical press reports which suggest that secular forces… Read more

September 11, 2008

A CALL for teachers to respect pupils’ deeply-held beliefs in creationism has been made by a leading British biologist and education expert. Professor Michael Reiss, director of education at the Royal Society, wants creationism to be included in science lessons because around 10 percent of British schoolchildren come came from Muslim backgrounds or families with fundamental Christian views. In the US, the proportion of creationist schoolchildren was 40 percent. The job of teachers is to teach, not to indoctrinate, and… Read more

September 11, 2008

AFTER agonising for almost a fortnight, the Dutch Reformed Church at Moreleta Park in South Africa, has decided to abide by a court ruling, and will pay gay music teacher Johan Strydom about R87 000 (£6,000) in damages and loss of income, as well as make a public apology to him. According to this report, church minister Dirkie van der Spuy said the decision to pay up and apologise was made after a meeting of the church’s legal team and… Read more

September 10, 2008

WE’VE always known that primitive jihadis around the globe have a juvenile fascination with fire. Google “Muslim” + “fire” and you’ll uncover a wide array of photos of furious rug-butters setting stuff ablaze: flags, effigies, embassies – and, when things don’t go to plan – even themselves. But now they believe they can put their matches to better use against the Kufr – by starting forest fires. According to a report in The Age, a number of Western countries have… Read more

September 9, 2008

QUEEN of Pop Madonna has left the Vatican scratching its head over a dedication she made to the Vicar of Christ – who can hardly be described as a fan. During a concert in Italy at the weekend, the controversial 50-year-old dedicated her hit song Like a Virgin to Pope Ratzinger.  She told the 60,000 fans who flocked to her “Sticky & Sweet” world tour: I dedicate this song to the Pope, because I’m a child of God. All of… Read more

September 8, 2008

FOLLOWING the conviction today of a group of British-born Muslims on charges of conspiracy to murder, BBC Radio 4 is to broadcast a special investigation of the jihadi network in Britain. In Jihad UK, due to be broadcast tonight at 8pm, journalist Amardeep Bassey tells the story of a movement that began in Britain over 15 years ago. Bassy goes beyond the familiar tale of rabble-rousers like Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri Mohammed and reveals the key role played by… Read more

September 7, 2008

VINDICTIVENESS and sheer stupidity combined this week to produce one of the dumbest church signs ever seen on the planet. And that’s going it some! The sign outside Blacklick’s Havens Corners Church in Ohio read “I kissed a girl and I liked it, then I went to Hell.” It was senior pastor David Allinson’s furious response to the chart-topping song by pop artist Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl.” But the thicko Allinson didn’t quite think the sign through properly…. Read more

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