November 19, 2007

THEY are quaking in their boots over at Microsoft headquarters – not with fear that they are about to be taken over by an army of fundamentalist Christian wingnuts – but with laughter. The source of their mirth is a posturing tosspot called Reverend Ken Hutcherson, a former Dallas Cowboys player, and the self- proclaimed head of the Antioch Bible Church, based in Redmond, the home of Microsoft’s headquarters. The burly buffoon, of whom it was once said “he not… Read more

November 18, 2007

AT LAST, it may go to court. The preposterous and risible law of blasphemy could be put to the test – and taken out of the reckoning entirely. Stephen Green, the man who brought us the laughable Christian Voice – although most communications issuing from this obscure little organisation seem to emanate from Green himself – wants to sue the producers of the excellent Jerry Springer: The Opera. You’ll remember that it caused a stink among some Christians when BBC2… Read more

November 18, 2007

“RED” Ken Livingstone has been caught out. His PC Brigade have brought out a report on just how beastly our media are to Muslims – only for it to be torn to shreds by a left-leaning journalist for its dodgy methodology. According to a no-holds-barred article in Spiked, Ken (pictured below) and his cohorts have “crossed a line normally only transgressed by despots”. “Strip away all the PC lingo about ‘protecting Muslims’, and the London mayor’s latest initiative comes across… Read more

November 17, 2007

AMNESTY is iconic. It’s venerated. It’s one of those organisations you just don’t knock. It would be like kicking Lassie or throttling a Teletubby. But the evil of the Catholic Church knows no bounds. Now, according to The Times (inter alia), hundreds of thousands of schoolkids whose parents happen to subscribe to that barmy doctrine have been told they shouldn’t belong to Amnesty or raise funds for it “because of its new stance on abortion”. The 2,323 Catholic primary and secondary schools and… Read more

November 17, 2007

THEY call a spade a spade in Yorkshire. No PC nonsense up theer, tha knows. In Calderdale, if they think a burqa looks like something out of the Ku Klux Klan, they soddin’ well say so. Well, Councillor Alan Clegg does, anyway. He and a number of other councillors are proposing Calderdale Council staff be banned from wearing burqas and niqabs – both of them potentially all-enveloping garments that obscure much of the person you’re talking to, in often intimidating… Read more

November 16, 2007

ONE bunch of people who would have a problem with Britain’s new laws prohibiting gay jokes would be the Iranian leadership, according to Ian O’Doherty, writing this week in the Irish Independent. This fine bunch of people, who bring enlightenment and vision to the rest of us kuffars, recently sent one of their representatives, Mohsen Yahyavi, to meet with some British MPs and he had some interesting views. Refuting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent claim that there were no gay people in… Read more

November 15, 2007

THE object of the internationally-acclaimed show Allah Made Me Funny: The Official Muslim Comedy Tour is to knock down stereotypes. In particular, Azeem, Azhar Usman and Preacher Moss, the three American Muslim comics who make up the show, try to demonstrate that Muslims are not, as many of us have good cause to believe, pathologically humourless. Alas, their efforts have fallen flat in Scotland. We have just learned that Glasgow Caledonian University has banned a planned performance this month of… Read more

November 14, 2007

THE British taxpayer is frequently called upon to cough up cash for some pretty crazy enterprises – and they don’t come much dafter than a course designed to brainwash police officers into believing that Islam, far from being a vicious harbinger of hate, is really quite cute and cuddly. No, really! According to Ekklesia, the Metropolitan Police have signed a deal with a US company to provide them with an introductory course about Islam. The Jones Knowledge Group announced yesterday… Read more

November 13, 2007

SWEDEN’S Supreme Court has cleared website editor Leif Liljeström of charges of acting as an accessory to incitement to hatred of homosexuals.Liljeström, who runs the Christian website Bibeltemplet, was previously sentenced to one month in prison by the Court of Appeal for allowing the publication of hateful comments about homosexuality. He was originally sentenced to two months in jail for incitement to hatred by Stenungsund District Court. If the Swedes had a law against crap websites, Liljeström would have received… Read more

November 12, 2007

I agree that to say that conservative Christians are descended from apes is an insult. To the apes! That comment, by Christopher Hobe Morrison, of Pine Bush, USA, was one of many added on-line to a report in The Times that evangelical Christians in Kenya have got their cassocks in a twist over an exhibition in the Nairobi National Museum centred on the evolution of humankind. Bishop Boniface Adoyo, the head of the 35 Kenyan evangelical denominations, is leading opposition… Read more

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