April 30, 2008

A YOUNG US soldier who declared his atheism while on active duty in Iraq last year – and, as a result, was harassed and reviled – has filed a law suit alleging that his constitutional rights had been violated. The suit names Defence Secretary Robert Gates. Since bringing the suit, Specialist Jeremy Hall has been called “immoral”, a “devil worshipper” and “gay” – none of which, he says, is true. Hall said the pressure to believe in God was so… Read more

April 29, 2008

HUMANS alone practice religion because they’re the only creatures to have evolved imagination. That’s the view of anthropologist Maurice Bloch of the London School of Economics, who has challenged the popular notion among some anthropologists that religion evolved and spread because it promoted social bonding. According to ABC News, Bloch argues that at first: We had to evolve the necessary brain architecture to imagine things and beings that don’t physically exist, and the possibility that people somehow live on after… Read more

April 28, 2008

LONDON is plagued by a shedload of problems – and it’s all the fault of “the aggressive secularisation” of the city by out-of-touch politicians. So says mayoral candidate Alan Craig, of the Christian Choice party, who promises to halt the breakdown of family life in the capital by bribing couples with £1,000 to get married. Straight couples only, we assume, for it’s doubtful that gay couples entering a civil partnership would qualify for this windfall under a Christian regime. All… Read more

April 26, 2008

DUTCH film director Paul Verhoeven has got up the nose of America’s Catholic League President Bill Donohue by suggesting, in his forthcoming biography of Jesus, that “the son of God” may have been the result of a union between Mary and a Roman soldier who raped her during the Jewish uprising in Galilee. Donahue said the director’s claim was “laughable”, and ranted: Here we go again with idle speculation grounded in absolutely nothing. He has no empirical evidence to support… Read more

April 25, 2008

CATHOLIC clergy are normally carried away with their own hot air – but it was helium that seems to have taken batty Brazilian priest, Adelir Antonio de Carli, off the face of the planet this week. De Carli, 41, has been missing since Sunday, when he lifted off from the port city of Paranagua strapped to 1,000 helium-filled balloons and wearing a helmet, an aluminum thermal flight suit, waterproof coveralls and a parachute. He made the sign of the cross… Read more

April 24, 2008

HOT on the heels of the Indiania “In God We Trust” licence plate controversy comes the news today that the Florida legislature is to consider a speciality plate with a design that includes a Christian cross, a stained-glass window and the words “I Believe”. According to this Google report, it’s the brainchild of Craig Dobson from Faith in Teaching who submitted the design for consideration. The group supports “faith-based” schools activities. If approved Florida would be the first US state… Read more

April 23, 2008

HERE’S a sight one does not often seen in public in Israel – or anywhere else for that matter: an Orthodox Jewish man wearing nothing but a sock over his genitals. Ah, but the supermarket, in which he almost bared all, was not a public place, argued the unnamed 27-year-old yeshiva student. He entered the supermarket to protest over a ruling by Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Judge Tamar Bar-Asher Zaban that grocer stores, pizzerias and restaurants were permitted to sell chametz… Read more

April 22, 2008

PROBABLY the worst-turned out Darth Vader in the entire galaxy – he had a black binbag for a cape and a metal crutch for a light sabre – found himself before a magistrate today charged with assaulting two Jedis. According to the BBC, Arwel Wynne Hughes, 27, from Holyhead, Anglesey, admitted assaulting Barney Jones and cousin Michael with the crutch. They suffered minor injuries. Wearing his rubbish costume, Hughes jumped over a garden wall, then, shouting “Darth Vader”, first attacked… Read more

April 21, 2008

CHRISTIANITY’S holiest shrine – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – was the scene yesterday (Palm Sunday) – of an unseemly brawl when dozens of Greek and Armenian orthodox priests and worshippers exchanged blows. When police tried to break up the fight, they were pummelled with palm fronds. All hell broke loose when Armenian clergy forcibly ejected a Greek priest from their midst. The pushed him to the ground and kicked him, according to witnesses. The church, built over the… Read more

April 20, 2008

JUNE Gordon, 54, from Knoxville, Tennessee (“God’s Little Pasture”) is “filled with the Holy Spirit!!!”. And she oozes Christian love from every pore – except when it comes to the American Civil Liberties Union. Then she turns into a swivel-eyed, slavering wingnut: The ACLJEW ain’t nothing but a pack of New Yorky Hebes hellbent on destroying American values! It wasn’t enough for them yarmulke-wearing idiots to KILL our Lord and Savior, they gots (sic) to OBLITERATE His Holy Name alsos!… Read more

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