September 13, 2007

Female civil servants must wear Islamic headscarves or be fired, the maverick head of Russia’s Chechnya region said this week – and Ramzan Kadyrov, the son of a Muslim cleric went on to say that women were the root of all crime committed in Chechnya because they were inviting men to have sex with them. Kadyrov said he had been “literally shocked seeing our young women walking around in T-shirts and miniskirts in our city (the Chechen capital Grozny)”. Families… Read more

September 12, 2007

COMIC Kathy Griffin’s “offensive” remarks about Jesus at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards will not be seen by TV audiences, the US Academy of Television Arts and Sciences said today. According to Perthnow, Griffin made the provocative comment last Saturday when she took the stage of the Shrine Auditorium to collect her Emmy for best reality programme – her Bravo channel show My Life on the D-List. “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award…. Read more

September 11, 2007

THE WHEELS have come off a planned evangelical Christian poster campaign in the UK after three of Britain’s top comedians objected to their best known catch-phrases being used to entice youngsters into church. According to The Belfast Telegraph, Little Britain’s Matt Lucas and David Williams, as well as Catherine Tate were “well bovvered”, and threatened legal action against an evangelical Christian group. Representatives of the stars claimed that using their most famous utterances on the posters breached their intellectual property… Read more

September 8, 2007

THE symbolism of the dog is a deliberate attempt to infuriate Muslims. The dog is considered an impure creature in Islam and is not even welcome in the Muslim home because angels are afraid of it and will not enter. This is part of a rant in an editorial in the Khaleej Times, written by Kuwaiti-based American writer and convert to Islam, Sumayyah Meehan. She states: Once again the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been degraded… Read more

September 8, 2007

THEY had portable shredding machines and they made it quite clear that they were not afraid to use them. These were pro-gay members of Cardiff’s United Reform Church, and they turned out in force to destroy homophobic fliers that were being distributed at Cardiff’s annual Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras last weekend by Stephen “Stay a Virgin, marry a Virgin” Green, who heads the crackpot Christian Voice organisation, and a pitiful band of his delusional followers. According to a report… Read more

September 7, 2007

I HAVE met with my share of preachers who have incited hate and violence over the last several years. They range from the strident Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza to the crafty Sheikh Omar Bakri and the not-so-subtle Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal, a Jamaican with a violent streak and once a teenage acquaintance of mine … But Riyadh ul-Haq is not in their league. He is not a preacher of hate and certainly not a scholar who incites to violence. If… Read more

September 6, 2007

AN INDIAN woman whose “miracle” cure from cancer was instrumental in the beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta has accused the Sisters of Charity of abandoning her to poverty. Monica Besra’s complaint struck a sour note during commemorations of the 10th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. Mrs Besra, 40, became an overnight celebrity in September 1998 when she reported that she had been cured of a tumour after praying to Mother Teresa while pressing a medallion bearing the nun’s image… Read more

September 6, 2007

  WE have just come across this excellent letter written this week to The Age in Melbourne by Jack Jacoby, of Black Rock,Victoria, regarding the recent hostage situation in Afghanistan. It says it all: The Taliban have at last released the South Korean hostages. I am sure most people have breathed a sigh of gratitude and feel great relief. But let’s think for a moment about what happened. A group of Christian zealots decided to conduct missionary activities to convert… Read more

September 6, 2007

MICHAEL IRWIN, who was medical director of the United Nations in New York before he retired in 1992, argues that the Vatican commands far too much respect in the UK – Freethinker, September 2007   OF ALL the important power structures which exist in the world today, the tripartite “Vatican” is the most ancient. There is, first of all, the Roman Catholic Church which, dating back almost 2,000 years, claimed yet again in July to be the only “true Church… Read more

September 6, 2007

PROOF that Stephen “Stay a Virgin, Marry a Virgin” Green is not entirely fixated on homosexuality has surfaced on his homophobic Christian Voice website, from which we learn that the ghastly Green now has another deep concern – low birthrates among indigenous white Britons, and high ones among “immigrants, especially Muslims” living in the UK. Those of us who aren’t immigrant or Muslims, says Green, should do what Orthodox Jews are doing: breed like crazy. How this squares with his… Read more

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