June 1, 2008

EVER since witnessing – as a 12-year-old – the sickening slaughter of calf by a rabbi who slit the animal’s throat and impassively watched it in its death throes, I have sworn off religiously-slaughtered meat, and have gone to great lengths to avoid all kosher and halal produce. So you can imagine my disgust when – a couple of weeks back – the BBC Radio 4 consumer affairs programme, You and Yours, reported – in an overall tone of approval… Read more

June 1, 2008

WE at the Freethinker carry no torch for religious zealots, but we strongly defend the right of evangelising barmpots to make twats of themselves in public – and even get shat on by gulls (yoo-hoo Stephen “Birdshit” Green, are you listening?) So it was worrying to learn today of another setback for free speech in PC-plagued Britain. According to a report in the Sunday Telegraph, a police community support officer, PCSO Naguthney (30825), ordered two Christian preachers to stop handing… Read more

May 30, 2008

FIRST it was the Koran shoot-up. Now, just over a week later, the US military in Iraq are writhing with embarrassment over the idiotic behaviour of a proselytising Christian marine who handed out novelty coins quoting the Gospel in Arabic to Sunni Muslims. The incident has enraged Iraqis who view it as the latest example of Americans dissing Islam. According to Worldwide Religious News, the marine, stationed in the western city of Fallujah, this week handed out silver-coloured coins that… Read more

May 30, 2008

A MEMBER of Australia’s Muslim community has warned that hostility towards Islamic schools could force religious education underground, where children are more likely to be targeted by extremists. Ikebal Patel, the president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said blocking Islamic schools could lead to: Muslim children being given their religious education in backyards and garages by teachers whose credentials no one could vet. You may have some very extreme imams or religious teachers getting through to the children…. Read more

May 29, 2008

IT may have happened in Nowhereville – aka Mojave, California – but the fall-out from a Ford dealership radio ad in this über-Christian enclave is fast becoming a growing embarrassment for the Ford Motor Company around the world. Here’s the sorry tale, gleaned from The Underground Unbeliever: A while back the Kieffe & Sons Ford dealership decided to have a pop at atheists in an offensive ad broadcast on a local radio station, The Quake. This is the message Kieffe… Read more

May 29, 2008

HATS off to Edinburgh City Council bosses who said this week that they had “no objection” to the use of the word “cult” to describe the cult of Scientology. Their decision follows the barmy police action taken at the beginning of May against a young anti-Scientology protestor in London, who was served with a summons for holding up a sign which read “Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult.” He was informed by City of London police… Read more

May 27, 2008

IF you thought that political correctness is a peculiarly British affliction, think again. We have just learned that the Amsterdam Police Authority want their officers to read the Koran in order to engage better with members of the surly Muslim community, who find Dutch liberalism – particularly in regard to the acceptance of homosexuality – intolerable. Not only does the authority want police to read the Koran, they are prepared to subsidise the cost of providing the book to the… Read more

May 26, 2008

THE Freethinker’s Booby of the Week prize goes to Father Jeremy Davis, 73, exorcist of the Archdiocese of Westminster, who warned that atheism was becoming a key cause of demonic influence in the world. Spirits inspiring atheism are those that hate God. The Luton-based Catholic priest – a former medical doctor who was ordained in 1974 and who has been an exorcist since 1986 – also claims that “a contagious demonic factor” is among the causes of homosexuality. According to… Read more

May 25, 2008

NOTICE the huge demonstrations mounted in the UK this weekend by law-abiding Muslims outraged over the fact that jihadis had recruited a mentally ill man to carry out the bungled terrorist attack in Exeter? Nope? Well we didn’t either. Maybe that’s because no provocative cartoons were published in retaliation. Yet according to Britain’s most prominent Muslim politician, Lord Ahmed: Decent law-abiding Muslims are outraged that people who claim to be followers of Islam should prey on the mentally infirm and… Read more

May 23, 2008

CITY of London Police have been made to look exceedingly foolish following their issuing of a court summons to a teenager for displaying a sign that branded Scientology a “dangerous cult”. Which, of course, is precisely what it is. And today the boy’s protest was vindicated when the Crown Prosecution Service ruled the words were neither “abusive or insulting” to the church and no further action would be taken against him. The unnamed 16-year-old was handed a court summons by… Read more

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