August 3, 2019

IN June, Pope Francis, on a whim, handed nine bone fragments of Peter the Apostle to the Orthodox Church in Constantinople – without so much as a by your leave. Now awkward questions are being asked – in particular by Fr Raymond J de Souza, a priest of the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario. In a piece written for the Catholic Herald, de Souza revealed that the relics gifted to Constantinople had originally been placed by Pope Paul VI (now a… Read more

August 2, 2019

FORMER Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon, who was charged in November 2018 with four counts of lying to a peace officer during  an investigation into the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal, is to get a $2.45-m retirement package – and Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League is furious that the deal hasn’t garnered national coverage. He labeled Simon a “sexual abuse enabler” and raged: I have been saying for years that the public, especially Catholics, are being played…. Read more

August 2, 2019

LAKEWOOD, New Jersey, is a hotbed of Orthodox Judaism. So when the town officially recognised June as Gay Pride month and hosted a variety of LGBT events, Rabbi Yehuda Levin – who in 2015 blamed a Pride parade for Hurricane Katrina – got his knickers in knot, and demanded to know: What’s next in Lakewood, white supremacist having rallies at the Center Square in the name of free speech? Where does someone get the chutzpah to sponsor a gay pride… Read more

August 1, 2019

EDITOR-in-Chief  of the ultra-right wing and hysterically homophobic site, John-Henry Westen, above, is having conniptions over Apple News’s decision yesterday to delete its channel – just a week after it approved it. Apple claimed that LifeSite’s channel “didn’t comply with our Apple News guidelines”. Specifically, they stated that LifeSite’s  channel content shows intolerance towards a specific group. No prizes for guessing what group that is. Said Westen: We don’t yet know the reason for Apple’s decision to delete our channel. However,… Read more

August 1, 2019

BACK in 2013, ultra-Orthodox Jewish singer and and performer Daniel Ambash, above, was sentenced to 26 years in jail in what has been described as one of the most shocking abuse cases in the Israel’s history. The court heard that the polygamous cult leader and his assistants kept Ambash’s six wives and more than ten children in slavery conditions. They were forcibly confined and routinely punished with rape, electric shocks and beatings. Ambash was back in the news last year… Read more

July 31, 2019

SAM Little, 25, from Arlesey in Bedfordshire, a former ‘clairvoyant’ and an active member of what has become known as a ‘bleach cult’, has been charged along with three others – one a pastor – with distributing Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) to villagers in poor areas. MMS, as we reported back in April of this year, is basically a dangerous bleach originally concocted by a charlatan called Jim Humble, who claims to have come from another galaxy. His mission, he… Read more

July 30, 2019

AT the conclusion of his second trial – the first was 2017 –  Father Michael Higginbottom, 76, was jailed today (Tuesday) after being convicted of five counts of buggery and seven of indecent assault. Higginbottom targeted two boys separately while they boarded at St Joseph’s College in Upholland, Lancashire. During a two-week trial at Burnley Crown Court, jurors heard that he “regularly, systematically and horrifically” abused the boys, with prosecutor David Temkin saying: They were both threatened with violence and… Read more

July 30, 2019

THERE’S much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Christian circles over a decision by Rochester Cathedral to give its medieval nave over to a nine-hole golf course. The cathedral’s website says: Kent’s most unusual adventure golf course will be at Rochester Cathedral this summer. Created in partnership with the Rochester Bridge Trust, the Medieval Nave will be filled with a bridge-themed adventure golf course. The course has been designed to encourage young people to learn more about the engineering behind bridges.  Church… Read more

July 29, 2019

The hardworking president of the US was watching television at the weekend, specifically the notoriously right-wing Fox News, and he saw a segment which attacked Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings, above, for criticizing brutal treatment of asylum seekers on the US border with Mexico. The host and a guest told us a story about how terrible conditions are in the area of Baltimore that Cummings represents. They showed us a film clip of a row of neglected houses, and a pile… Read more

July 28, 2019

A WOMAN is demanding that a 6ft sculpture, located near the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska, be removed because it is ‘demonic’ and ‘anti-Christian’. Ian Anthony Laing’s artwork, according to the unnamed woman, is representative of the Devil. In an emailed complaint to Loncoln’s Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird, the deranged woman said the pair of Spiderman hands are : Anti-Christian, demonic, and completely inappropriate for showcase near a family attraction. It is a sculpture of two hands open, painted… Read more

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