Insane in the Brain: Balance & Beltane

Insane in the Brain: Balance & Beltane April 29, 2022

Scroll to the end for some chants I made up for Beltane!

This weekend I’ll be celebrating Beltane with my coven and there’s been a lot of preparation going into it. For starters, our coven is broken down into Outer and Inner Courts, which means we plan for two separate Beltane rituals. Outer Courts are typically comprised of non-initiated students (though initiates of the coven are welcome to attend from our group) and Inner Courts are solely for initiates. FYI: not all covens have both Outer and Inner Courts.

Anyway, two separate Beltane rituals but one Beltane. This year, the spirit of Beltane has felt like it’s been placing its focus on Balance. When I think of balance, I think of two objects of equal weight balancing on a seesaw. But balance has got to mean more than just two things being equal in weight, right? What if it’s about the union of those two things and the union brings balance?

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Balance is the bridge and the desire for union creates that bridge.

For the better part of this year I’ve been working on achieving a better work/life balance. So much so, in fact, that I found myself a new job. My new job is work from home, which is a real blessing considering I used to commute 2.5 hours per day. I did that long commute for years and I don’t think I realize just how out of whack my life had become as a result. The amount of time I spent on commuting, prepping for work, and working per week took a hard toll on me. By the time I’d get home, I’d barely have enough time to eat dinner and get up at the ass crack of dawn to do it all over again. At a certain point I decided that I’d had enough.

It’s amazing how much time I dedicate to spiritual and religious practices when I’m not exhausted. Like, for real. I’ve been using up the remainder of my PTO for the past two weeks, much of which studying and practicing my spirituality. Granted, I’ve also been spending time getting to some appointments and chores I’ve had to put off due to work. But balance is taking its place in my life again and this Libra is very happy.

Insane in the Beltane – Here’s your Chants to Party (get it?! CHANTS?!)

This section has nothing to do with the above. It’s mainly me coming up with new Beltane chants.

Chant 1 to the choral tune of “Insane in the Brain” by Cypress Hill:

Insane on our Beltane
We’ll sprinkle some grain!
Insane on our Beltane
Who brought the henbane?!
Insane on our Beltane
Must hide the bloodstain!
Insane on our Beltane
Crazy insane, got no sane.

Chant 2 to the tune of “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube:

Just wakin’ up in the mornin’, gotta thank the gods
I don’t know but my body feels kinda odd
No chimin’ from the bells, no incense smells
And my Priestess didn’t cast no lengthy spells
I got my robe on, but no underwear
Finally got a bikini wax for all that under there
Took two Advil as I hit the circle floor
Thinking “Will I dance another twenty-four?”
I gotta go because I got me another stop
Another coven, other witches and a crystal shop.
Had to squint in the candle light
Lookin’ in my mirror, no spirit in sight.

And everything is alright.
Got a text from a witch, and they can dance all night.
Called up the coven and I’m askin’ y’all
Which hill are we meeting at nightfall?
Get me in the circle and I’m trouble
Last moon I cast around and got a toil-n-bubble
Sneakin’ witches everywhere like they don’t care,
I can’t believe last night was a good scare.

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