Podcast #102 – Good News, The US is a Dumpster Fire Edition

Podcast #102 – Good News, The US is a Dumpster Fire Edition February 2, 2017





In this week’s episode of The Gaytheist Manifesto podcast, we share only good news. This is something we do from time to time because we know the subjects we discuss can sometimes be bleak. It’s very easy to get caught up in the awful things that happen to queer and trans people, the state of politics, the actions of our elected officials, and the rejection we often face from society and our families.

There are a few things I do to try to take care of myself when things are hard. One of them is simply to remind myself of how fortunate I am in my personal life. I have an amazing group of friends and family who support me through everything I go through. I also enjoy seeking out stories of good things happening to other people, or people doing good for others, and to simply bask in the glory of people being good to each other.

This isn’t to say we need to forget about the things we fight against. It’s important to recognize what privileges we have. Not all of us have the luxury of tuning out temporarily to take care of ourselves. That doesn’t change that fact that it’s an important thing to do where and when you can.

My Facebook feed has been filled with largely awful things lately. That’s to be expected. We just saw what is probably the most dangerous administration in modern history take power in Washington. They’re doing scary things. We need to stay aware and vigilant so we can oppose and resist the things they’re trying to do. Frankly, it get’s exhausting

It’s not okay to forget about these things completely and to leave them behind. But I do think for our own emotional health, we do need to sometimes push those things aside. We need to be reminded that people are still capable of being good and doing good for others.

It’s in this spirit that we share these stories of good news. On each “good news” episode we release there are three segments. In the first, my co-host and I share good news from our own personal lives. I think this is important because it’s valuable to remind ourselves that we do have good things happening in our own lives. It helps to offset the stress being caused by the outside world. In the second segment, we share good news stories from around the web. Almost everyone loves a feel good story, and we’re no different. The third segment (and my favorite) is where we share good news submitted by our friends and listeners through social media. It’s a great exercise for us to share in and celebrate the good news of others.

We musn’t tune completely out of the current awfulness in our country, but I think it’s vital that we sometimes push it aside and focus on the good. When we do that, we can return to the fight more energized and ready to stand against all that would oppose us.


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