Podcast 105 – Umm…Are We Girlfriends Now?

Podcast 105 – Umm…Are We Girlfriends Now? February 23, 2017

Sex can be weird. Our culture hands us a seemingly non stop barrage of toxic ideas about sex and sexuality. Even the most vanilla, heterosexual sex between cisgender partners has a stimga that never seems to go away. For members of the transgender community, this stigma gets heaped on top of the shame we’re taught to feel about our bodies and the ways sex feels natural to us.

In this week’s episode of The Gaytheist Manifesto, we explore the experience of a variety of transgender folks with their own sex and sexuality.

We explore questions of religion’s influence on even the way atheists view sex. We discuss the ways which our sexuality changed or evolved (or didn’t) post transtion, and how that affected our relationships with our partners. We’ll also find out one very odd reason Callie is excited for her upcoming sex reassignment surgery!

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