You Shall Not Pass…

You Shall Not Pass… March 4, 2017

…unless you can “pass”.

Yes this is a conversation in regards to where an unprotected minority is legally allowed to “take care of business”.

The Gaytheist Manifesto is also a podcast, in case you didn’t know, and something that was brought up on a recent episode struck a chord in me. If you wanna listen, it’s Episode #104 Transmasculine Discussion, but don’t forget to come back and keep reading!

It is also inspired by discussions I’ve been a part of on Facebook over the last week due to the transgender boy wrestler in Texas who was forced to compete in the girls division solely due to who he was born as. In those discussions it became apparent that a lot of opinions are based on looks. If a transgender man “passes” as a man in the way that general opinion says a man should look, then he has no worries in using the mens restroom because “no one will be the wiser”. The same would apply towards women.

So, that would mean that a person who is transgender can’t truly be considered transgender and be able to feel generally accepted (for the most part) until they match what people think they should look like in order to be happy. Like almost all things, it exists on a spectrum. Being transgender goes from one place to another and someone can land at any point in between and still be just as transgender as someone who “passes”. They need to be able to do what is best and healthiest for them!

Not everyone is going to want to or be able to have all the surgeries that are required to get to that point, adjust their voice, and pull off what is considered “normal” looking.

Whether you “pass” as what your identity is or not, does not change who you know you are. Be true to yourself and keep your head up as equality is fought for.

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