June 30, 2016

Gay Actor Rupert Everett Warns Parents Not to Let Kids Have Gender Reassignment Surgery • Christian Worker Claims Orlando Pride Flag Memorial Creates ‘Hostile Work Environment’ • Bryan Fischer: The Obergefell Ruling Was When ‘Moral Jihadists’ Committed 9/11 Against Christians • Bill Donohue Isn’t Sorry For Homophobia, Wants ‘An Apology From Gays’ • Caitlyn Jenner: Donald Trump Is a Champion for Women and LGBT People Read more

June 27, 2016

It was easy not to recognize, as is often the case, when I was in the situation. I really did make mistakes, and plenty of them. I was even thoughtless and careless sometimes in a way that justified anger on the part of my ex. I’m no saint, nor have I ever been. But there are no mistakes that justify robbing someone of their self worth. Read more

June 22, 2016

Whether you describe yourself as atheist, agnostic, secular humanist or simply non-religious, it can be difficult and sometimes painful to engage in close relationships with religious friends, parents, and romantic partners. This has been discussed many times before, but I feel there’s a crucial element missing from this conversation that must be addressed for the health of the atheist community at large. Read more

June 21, 2016

But that day I thought to myself “You might be a lesbian” and then I cried for over an hour. It was the beginning of a journey that took me into my past, the beginning of a different kind of experimentation and introspection, the beginning of increasing my understanding of myself. Read more

June 17, 2016

I’m committing to do my part. Read more

June 16, 2016

In this series, I’ll recap and give my take on some of the top news stories from the last two weeks featuring anti-LGBTQ and anti-secular prejudice. This installment: Georgia ACLU Chief Resigns Over Group’s Fight Against HB2 • School Board Trustee Won’t Run for Re-Election Because Trans Students Want Respect • Republican Lobbyists: US Should Scrap HIV Funding and Just Tell Gays to Stop Having Sex • As News of Orlando Terror Attack Spread, Texas Lt. Governor Tweeted Biblical Messages of Hate • After Sending ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Orlando GOP House Chair Blocks LGBT Protections Bill Read more

June 14, 2016

This message is for everyone who has been hit hard by conversations surrounding the recent events: whether you have been personally affected or not, whether you’re queer or trans or a straight cis ally, whether you’ve been able to have any discussions about the recent events or whether you’ve had to step away from the news entirely for your mental and emotional health. You are more important than any cause. Read more

June 12, 2016

If you have ever publicly given credence to the idea that me using the same bathroom as you makes you less safe, I’m looking at you. If you’ve ever given credence to the idea that the gay agenda is harmful to our children, I’m looking at you. If you’ve ever called being transgender a “delusion” that’s harmful to feed into, I’m looking at you. If you casually laugh at or make awful jokes at the expense of queer and trans people, I’m looking at you. Read more

June 9, 2016

Cisgender allies of trans people have our best interests in mind, but despite their good intentions, they sometimes say things that are incorrect or betray a hidden anti-trans bias they may have unknowingly internalized. I hope that allies who read this article will be inspired to think more carefully about the words and phrases they choose to use in reference to their trans friends, and examine whether the language they use may contain some covert harmful assumptions about transgender people. Read more

June 9, 2016

Social media is a tool. Like any other tool, it is only as good as what we choose to do with it. If you have a hammer, you can kill someone or you can build a house. It’s up to you. Social media is no different. Read more

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