Sunday Morning Prayer – 7/6/2014

Sunday Morning Prayer – 7/6/2014 July 6, 2014
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Sunday Morning Prayer – Based on Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30


Good and gracious Good,

You constantly invite us
to dance.

Life, nature, the Universe
are playing a constant melody:
songs of joy and new life,
songs of endings and loss,
songs of glee and silliness,
songs of difficulty and sorrow.

Songs of life.

Too frequently,
we do not accept this invitation.
Too frequently,
we find ourselves
caught up in a counter rhythm
that is incongruous
and disconnected
with the rhythm of life.

Rather than join in the dance,
we find ourselves
trying to shape the music
to our own song
insisting that others
play the music that is pleasing
to our ears
and investing our energies
into tripping them up
when they don’t.

Teach us…
the song of life.

Help us too see
that together
all of our songs
create a greater melody.
Help us too hear
the beauty
in the songs of others.
Make us aware
of the careful
and perfectly joyful way
our songs weave
in and out of each other.

May we sing
rather than mumble under our breath.
May we dance
rather than trip others up.
May we embrace each other
as we dance this dance
of grace and life.




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