A Prayer on the Divisions We’ve Created

A Prayer on the Divisions We’ve Created March 16, 2016

Copyright: stevanovicigor / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: stevanovicigor / 123RF Stock Photo

Good and gracious God,

Let there be peace on Earth
and let it
with me.

we seem to spend
most of our time
defining how others
are not like us.

Implicitly regulating them
to something that is
less respectable,
less correct,
less worthy,
less acceptable
than us.

We create the divisions
based on false standards
that we have created
for ourselves
without seeing that
we created the standards,
in part,
to reinforce the divisions…

And the maddening circle

We bracket out
the teaching of Jesus,
telling us
to love one another,
even those
we may consider

We bracket out
the words of the prophets,
telling us to
do justice,
love kindness,
and walk humbly.

We bracket out
the reality,
that as spiritual decedents
of Abraham,
we are to be
blessing to the earth –
not simply by our existence
but rather
through our actions,
through our interactions,
through our love.

We do not simply seek
for the times
that we fall short –
we make a pledge,
a promise,
a covenant,
to work more diligently
toward being the people
we are called to be;
the people
we are created
to be.

May we be strengthened
in our efforts.
May we be encouraged
in the difficult times.
May we stand firmly
as we stand together.
May we be inspired
toward a more loving
way of life.




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