Day of Solidarity for Black NonBelievers. Feb 22 (Today) – Show your support

Day of Solidarity for Black NonBelievers. Feb 22 (Today) – Show your support February 22, 2015

February 22nd is the Day of solidarity for Black Nonbelievers.

CFI Harlem

The idea is the brainchild of my friend and colleague, former Baptist Deacon turned Atheist Humanist Donald Wright, who I first had the privilege of meeting in DC at CFI’s African American for Humanism conference in 2011. It’s a day to show a few people, who aren’t always accepted or feel welcomed by the General Atheist population, that they’re not invisible. That’s it. It’s not pro-separatist or anti-anything else.

It’s not about social justice, though many atheist of color tend to be more motivated by it, its about what my friend Mandisa Thomas refers to as making the humanists movement more human. Sometimes we just need to see each other and see others that care.

I’m not asking for special treatment. Hell, I’m not asking for many of you to do anything other than to be aware.

For the rest of you, there’s still time.  People are meeting around the country, and if you can’t find a meetup, have your own. Don’t overthink it. Last minute dinner plans, lunch, movies – whatever.

When I celebrated my first, I shared my trepidation with Donald who reminded me, all I needed was a handful of people for lunch. My family alone is big enough (really).  So that’s what I’m doing. No general meeting – no academic lesson on why the prosperity gospel is so evil to Black and Brown folk. Today I’m going to hang with a few friends, Black, Brown, White and whoever shows up – and we’re going to appreciate each other.

I’m hoping that other atheist of color come out, meet with other local organizers and atheists they don’t normally get to see. We can debate the merit or need for Black, Brown, Asian, LGBTQ, and other special interest atheist groups later. Today especially, know you’re not alone.

If you’re looking for an event check here: Day-of-Solidarity-for-Black-Non-Believers

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