The Art of War: Powerful New Images Among the Gaza Ruins

The Art of War: Powerful New Images Among the Gaza Ruins March 5, 2015

Powerful new images by the street artist Banksy have appeared among the Gaza ruins.

Tower Riders (image via

Its not the first time he’s visited Palestine. In 2005 while visiting, he left two of my favorite works directly on the barrier wall:

Role Reversal
Role Reversal or Classic Shakedown? (image via

Peeking through to the tantalizing other side where the grass actually is greener:

The Promised Land? (image via

I really liked those, BUT – this one spoke to me:

Bombing Gaza
Bombing Gaza (image via

Reminded me of a few places back home:

Bombs over Brooklyn (OK Queens, ya got me)

OK – Banksy – you got me thinking….

Hmmmmmm…. (image via

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed US Congress thanking us for all that “aid”. The US has provided an estimate 121 billion to Israel since 1949. USA-NETANYAHU This year alone we’ll add another 3 Billion dollars (ish). Gaza will get about 706 million, recently slotted by the UN. Other than a “more secure Israel” (which everyone actually wants Mr. Netanyahu despite your implications), those images are the product and reminder of those funds. They are a result of BOTH sides of the war equation and an Israeli 50 day offensive that resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 lives (mainly civilians).

Nah… I know its much more complicated than that, this post isn’t about the socio-political-economic-religious situation that perpetuates the brutal and seemingly unending conflict that my Wall isn’t big enough to address. This is a reminder of the human cost of war and the indifference of just throwing money at the problem. So while our politicians regale in how much campaign funding they’ll get from our “defense complex” or snicker how they one upped the White House by inviting the Prime Minister to help drum up additional ire for a President whose numbers they don’t like:

Benjamin Netanyahu, John Boehner
When sneering meets scowling

Remember that this is still the reality and home for some:

farm colony
NY not Gaza

And so is this:


We could just continue to:

banksy_2_under the rug
Shhhh…. (image via

And go back to :

Make it rain! New Album?

Or LITERALLY just paint over the problem with apple pie…

A more perfect and apathetic union?

I wonder if we called a truce on the War on Poverty and let the global slums declare war on Washington instead, how much “AID” they’d get.

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