Failed Resurrection of Child in Dallas Under Investigation

Failed Resurrection of Child in Dallas Under Investigation April 3, 2015
(Image via UK)
(Image via UK)

Just outside of Dallas, TX in Balch Springs, a child’s death is under investigation by local police. The child died at home under ‘yet to be determined’ circumstances. When church and family members failed to revive the the two-year old in ‘a rising ceremony’, the child was taken to Mexico for burial.

One of the residents at the house told police that the there was a “rising” ceremony on March 23 to resurrect the boy from the dead. Later, the child’s parents and other church members wrapped the boy’s body in a blanket and took him to Mexico for burial, police said.

There is no record of the child’s death being reported according to Balch Springs Police Department, Lt. Mark Maret .

The police are examining confiscated recordings of the ritual, bedding, clothing and other evidence to determine cause.

The case is being investigated as injury to a child causing death, a first degree felony. Police have been unable to reach the family or the anonymous caller. They are working with local and federal authorities on the case, Maret said.

In his almost 24 years at the department, Maret said he has not seen a case like it.The parents “are the only ones who can tell us for sure what happened,” Maret said. “Best case scenario presents us with the child who’s alive and healthy and just a normal two-year-old.”

I can only imagine the suffering these parents are going through knowing that their child is lost. I remember sitting in the hospital a few years ago waiting to see if my son would make it. I was in tears, broken. Saying I was “beside myself” would’ve been an understatement. I “wished” there was a god I could pray to, something, anything – just please don’t come out of that room and tell me what I couldn’t bare to hear.  If I were still a Christian, that’s when I would’ve started bargaining years of my life in trade for days of his, to ANY God that would listen.  Death is hard. It is painful. We don’t need to make it harder.

It is enough pain for these parents to test their faith with a resurrection ritual. Their denomination was omitted, but I’m pretty  sure stuff like that is broadly frowned upon across all of Christendom. I know I’d try anything to bring my kids back if I could, but I know that empirically it doesn’t work. It didn’t two thousand years ago – it doesn’t now. Death is death and that’s harsh but real, resurrections aren’t. Yet in days millions of Christians will celebrate their belief in the resurrection of a man/God/embodiment of God/etc…, and this validation will allow them to perpetuate beliefs on others while screaming persecution because we choose to oppose or reject them.

This is when faith in things like resurrection is crueler than accepting the death itself.  Grieving for a child is hard enough without the added step of overcoming false hope. As distressing as this story may be, it highlights the bet Christians make, that one day, via Rapture or Revelation, that they’ll be better than most and good enough for resurrection.



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