Alabama Governor Removes Confederate Flag: South Carolina says “we’ll think about it”

Alabama Governor Removes Confederate Flag: South Carolina says “we’ll think about it” June 24, 2015

(Image via WikiCommons.CC)
(Image via WikiCommons.CC)

Really? Alabama Governor Bentley just ordered two workers to immediately remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds:

 “Two workers came out of the Capitol building about 8:20 a.m. and with no fanfare quickly and quietly took the flag down,” The Birmingham News reports. “Moments later, Gov. Bentley emerged from the Capitol on his way to an appearance in Hackleburg. Asked if he had ordered the flag taken down, the governor said, ‘Yes I did”

Alabama. A state that is historically one of the most racist in the Confed… um, I mean UNION, (behind  Mississippi?), just leapfrogged South Carolina on this issue. Alabama, a state who’s school Sororities remain openly, yet silently because that’s the southern way, SEGREGATED – just beat South Carolina on this issue.

There was no media coverage, no press announcement.  Just gone. I mean, I am under no illusion that racism is now gone in Alabama, nor any other state that doesn’t fly the stars and bars, but its down. And the timing isn’t great either. If it’s that simple, he should’ve taken it down during the Selma anniversary. I’m more interested in action over symbolic gesture, but that message could’ve been powerful.

It also might’ve been powerful had he done it last month, last year, or the last three years he’s held office. I guess he had to think about it.

Was it really that easy? No vote… Nothing. Just down. And that’s it.

I’m actually getting kind of mad thinking about it now myself… It takes nine people dying and a national debate to get you to do the right thing? Really?! Damn. But maybe it does. Perhaps I’m being too harsh, because sometimes it is all about timing and it does take nine people dying for you to look hard in the mirror and realize the difference between pride and shame.

Sometimes it takes those deaths for you to stop thinking about it and to start doing something about it instead. And yet, there were ten votes against even debating the removal of that flag in South Carolina. Can we talk about that yet? Can we address the people we continue to elect into office that would do that? While we’re at it can we address those that would vote them back in regardless? Still gotta think about it.

Shame on you.

Alabama just one upped you! They took down the flag, which is now their bragging right. That now get’s to be part of their Southern heritage.  Why not start a Southern Pride 2.0, confederacy free? Join the rest of the nation in subtle and more sophisticated forms of racism (mostly). (That was completely sarcastic BTW). Of course they’ll spin it in the books later to look that way, but for now, the flag is down. The Crimson Tide gets bragging rights today (but just on this issue). I understand that carries weight in the south.

So, Alabama… I know it might be too soon and all, but if you’re pulling down the flag as a gesture of dismantling racism, bigotry, et al., could we, um.. (and I almost feel a little selfish asking – no, not really)…. but, could we could start addressing your Supreme Court’s stance on LGBT issues, or your states incarceration rates because you lead the nation, your public school system that ranks nearly last in the nation, and your loose gun laws that you almost extended to minors just months ago?!?I’d like to talk about those now Governor Bentley,  if we could.

Could you, um, at least think about it?

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