Will the Confederate Flag Stay down in South Carolina?

Will the Confederate Flag Stay down in South Carolina? June 27, 2015

The flag is down South Carolina.

(Image via Twitter.CC)
(Image via Twitter.CC)

A black woman was about halfway up the more than 30-foot steel flagpole just after dawn Saturday when State Capitol police told her to come down. Instead, she continued up and removed the flag before returning to the ground.

The woman and another man who had entered the wrought-iron fence surrounding the flag were arrested.

Yes, she took it upon herself to do something about it, when the governor, initially said she would not, when the US Senator that was supposed to represent his entire constituency, also said he would not. She took down the flag. It happened Saturday morning June 27. The woman, who has only been identified as Bree, climbed the flagpole and took it down.

She did break the law, but is waiting to be charged. For many, she’s already a hero. Does this act of civil disobedience send a message? Yes. Take it down – keep it down. Will the legislature listen? Will the Governor?

After reports of the flag coming down in Alabama,  Governor Haley doubled down and said she would not violate South Carolinian law and follow suit. The flag is protected by a legislative supermajority vote. Both the house and the Senate must agree to take it down (imagine that in the US Federal chambers?). This paints Governor Haley into a corner.

She’s either got to give the order to put it back up or intervene in the process. Alabama’s already got you beat on this Governor Haley. Leaving it down sends a message, but putting it back up sends a bigger one.


UPDATE: It’s back up.

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