Palin barks at Obama: Tells Black Lives Matter Dogs to heel

Palin barks at Obama: Tells Black Lives Matter Dogs to heel September 10, 2015

You’d  almost call Sarah Palin and the Tea party tone deaf, but they seem to respond exceptionally well to dog whistles.

In an address to the Tea Party this Wednesday, Tea Party favorite and Donald Trump supporter, Sarah Palin decided to pay tribute to first responders and police officers everywhere by indicting the President and Black Lives Matter Activist. Appealing to Americana, she states:

“…And if you love that freedom, thank a vet!”

While you’re at it Sarah, you might want to make sure that the Republican controlled House ensures we keep PAYING our Vets.
Seems as if the House is playing with financial fire again with the “Default Prevention Act”, where they’d prioritize Vet benefits, schools, etc., right to the bottom. You might also want to thank slave labor, unions you denounce, the teachers. and other social you’re trying to defund.

She continues:

“And since our president won’t say it, since he won’t call off the dogs, thank you police officers.”

That wasn’t very subtle Sarah. Sparky does not approve!

(Image via JackPease.CC)
(Image via JackPease.CC)

Black Lives Matter Activists are loud and visible. They are disruptive to a political process that typically ignores them. However, many people on both sides have felt the inconvenience and “rudeness” of their disruption. If you remember the Bernie interruptions, allies everywhere denounced those tactics-

How rude… How utterly, droll…

Come on. Ya’ll meant uppity.

Yet Bernie responded by doing the right thing. He addressed them and their concerns. He wasn’t dismissive.
Given his history, he might still have a spark for revolutionary change after all.

¡Viva la Revolución!

His supporters, that remains to be seen.

As for the Republican Party, if they want to continue to be seen as the party of antebellum regression, keep it up.


As for the Video:


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