The Christian Narcissist

The Christian Narcissist July 31, 2023

The Christian Narcissist doesn’t seem to go together. That’s what I thought until I began studying God’s word carefully.


 I remember studying scripture last year and realizing how Narcissistic behavior is common, especially for Christians. God wants us to live a life of Holiness, endeavoring to deny our old nature, including selfish desires. 


This blog post will target the selfish nature of every human. We can trace this narcissistic spirit back to the fall of Lucifer, who was into himself. He wanted the Glory that belonged to God.


Let’s begin with defining the term Narcissism: 






Narcissism is a self-centered personality style characterized as having an excessive preoccupation with oneself and one’s own needs, often at the expense of others –

Self-centeredness happens when someone excessively focuses on themselves and their interests at the expense of others. When a person becomes self-centered, they neglect to show empathy or consideration for the feelings and needs of those around them. Several traits exhibit being self-centered such as:

  • Lack of empathy 
  • Narcissism
  • Selfishness 
  • Disregard for others 
  • Attention-seeking. 

We are warned in the last days that many Christians will turn from the truth and become lovers of self. Selfishness is the root of this narcissistic spirit. 

2 Timothy 3:1-5 AMP But understand this, that in the last days, dangerous times [of great stress and trouble] will come [difficult days that will be hard to bear]. For people will be lovers of self [narcissisticself-focused], lovers of money [impelled by greed], boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane, [and they will be] unloving [devoid of natural human affection, calloused and inhumane], irreconcilable, malicious gossips, devoid of self-control [intemperate, immoral], brutal, haters of good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of [sensual] pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of [outward] godliness (religion), although they have denied its power [for their conduct nullifies their claim of faith]. Avoid such people and keep far away from them. ‘

The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Timothy to give final instructions and encouragement. When speaking about what will happen in the last days, the first sign is that people will be “lovers of self.” 

Narcissism isn’t a personality disorder. Instead, it is a demonic Spirit. It comes to target people who are lovers of themselves, which opens the door to other evil spirits listed in 2nd Timothy 3

Selfishness is always the root issue. For example, when Adam and Eve were in the Garden, they began hiding from God’s presence after their rebellion. When confronted by God, instead of taking accountability, Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent Neither the man nor the woman took responsibility for their sin. Instead, they began to blame shift. 

Blame shifting is part of the selfish nature, which causes people to act in self-preservation. Blame shifting, self-preservation, self-awareness, and self-consciousness are all traits of Satan. Naturally, when we are into ourselves and refuse to repent, it always leads to pride. Pride and self-awareness are the nature of Satan; where there is pride, there is always rebellion which is what happened in the Garden. ~ God’s Celestial Network 

Narcissistic Rebellion 

1 Samuel 15:23 ‘For rebellion is as [serious as] the sin of divination (fortune-telling), And disobedience is as [serious as] false religion and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also has rejected you as king.” 

Remember, like Adam and Eve in the Garden, after their sin, they were in rebellion and wanted to save themselves; this is why Mr. Derek Prince referred to witchcraft as the religion of the fallen man. 

Continuing down this path of rebellion always leads to pride, which is a cover-up for shame. Some of us have experienced deep shame, and pride comes in to cover up that shame. It is best to confess the shame we have experienced to avoid pride.

Proverbs 16:18 ‘Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall. ‘

Self-righteous Pride

In Proverbs, we read and understand that pride goes before destruction. Once pride is rooted, destruction will come. Destruction will cause destroyed homes, relationships, marriages, etc. It all begins with self-righteous pride. 

The spirit of pride causes people to become boastful and impatient. Arrogance and grandiose behavior are signs of narcissism and pride. We will notice this in a multitude of ways, such as:

  • Self-Glorification
  • Praising oneself 
  • Seeking to gain recognition. 
  • Seeking admiration from others 
  • Boasting about accomplishments, abilities, possessions, and achievements. 
  • Attention Seeking 
  • Seeking approval from others. 

Pride is a slippery slope; we want to be mindful about thinking we have arrived and lifting the horn of pride in defiance of God. God puts down one and raises another. Scripture tells us that we must take off the horns of the wicked (arrogant, prideful) and put on the horns of the righteous. 

Always Remember

  • Pride is deeply rooted. (Fallen Nature)
  • Pride blinds you and keeps you from honoring Godly covenants. (1st Samuel)
  • Religious pride is the same as self-righteous pride. (Pharisees & Sadducees)
  • Lovers of self are prideful and refuse to serve others. 
  • Pride makes you contentious. 

Proverbs 17:12 AMP Let a man meet a [ferocious] bear robbed of her cubs Rather than the [angry, narcissistic] fool in his folly.

Narcissists have anger issues because of their pride, which is why God commands us to humble ourselves. Humility allows us to take the wrong instead of allowing anger to rule. 

Luke 14:11 AMP ‘For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled [before others], and he who habitually humbles himself (keeps a realistic self-view) will be exalted.” ‘

I encourage you to keep a realistic self-view about yourself, not exalting yourself high in pride nor debasing yourself low in shame. The best place for us to remain is in a position of serving others. 

Let’s seek to serve others, not by force but by allowing God to make us vessels with a heart of a servant. In that place, God will make us great in his kingdom. 


Mark 9:35 ‘Sitting down [to teach], He called the twelve [disciples] and said to them, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be last of all [in importance] and a servant of all.” 

Servanthood is the greatest place in God’s Kingdom, Be Blessed! 

You can learn more about this subject in my recent book release titled “God’s Celestial Network. “God’s Celestial Network

~ Regards, Tanicia~


P.S. Stay tuned as we discuss Self-care vs. Selfishness and how Christian Snobbery relates to the Narcissistic spirit. 


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