HNN #16: Geomythology, Rational Rap & Mr. Deity

HNN #16: Geomythology, Rational Rap & Mr. Deity February 28, 2007

In HNN Audio Podcast #16, we speak to a geomythologist, a rational rapper, and The Almighty Himself, Mr. Deity. Guests: Adrienne Mayor, Greydon Square, Brian Dalton.

Segment 1: The Cyclops and Other Giants in the Fossil Record???

Interview: Adrienne Mayor is a folklorist/historian of ancient science who investigates early scientific observations expressed in myths and oral traditions. Mayor’s book The First Fossil Hunters theorizes that ancient Greek and Roman myths about griffins, giants, and monsters were inspired by dinosaur and mastodon fossils. She is a visiting Scholar in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Program at Stanford University.

End: 25: 15

Segment 2: Rational Rap

Interview: Greydon Square is an artist who promotes rationality and freethinking through hip-hop and rap music. He is working with other artists and activists on a compilation album for the Rational Response Squad. Greydon, an African-American atheist, says he receives harsh of criticism from black Americans, who are the most religious of the major ethnic groups in the U.S.

End: 39:45

Segment 3: Break On Through — A Phone Call To God

Interview: Mr. Deity is a bi-monthly video series that looks at God and the Universe with a smile (and sometimes, a wink). Host Jes Constantine speaks by phone with Mr. Deity Creator Brian Dalton about his project, which has become a YouTube phenomenon.

End: 63:45


“I Ain’t Afraid” by Holly Near
“Molotov” by Greydon Square
“Roots” by Greydon Square
“Hello Birmingham” by Ani DiFranco


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