Born in South Africa and now homeless as a nomadic author, Jared Woods is obsessed with discovering the fundamental truths that every religion, philosophy, and scientific discovery can agree with. During his chase, he uncovered certain pantheistic ideals and quantum mysticism theories that resolved plenty of the world’s
theological conflicts, which he amalgamated into a new spiritual perspective/self-improvement program named Janthopoyism.

The Janthopoyism Bible is Jared’s sixth publication. Other topics he enjoys writing about are music, human relationships, and fictional worlds. As a former scriptwriter for the YouTube channel Pencilmation, billions of people have viewed his work, with scripts surpassing 100 million hits. Further creative projects include drawing cartoons, composing music, and producing films.

Jared is currently traveling the globe to visit as many sacred sites as possible. Out of all his achievements, he considers his absolute adoration for life as the one he is most proud of.