About the The Pandemonium Files

‘Screwtape’ for modern women –

This blog seeks to shed light on the human condition through the weekly correspondence of two demons.

The tempters are women –Pandemonium and Dissonance. Their mission, as in C.S. Lewis’  “The Screwtape Letters,” is to undermine the faith of the Patient, who in this case is a woman, and entice her to sin, but their point of view emanates from the 21st Century.

They attempt to focus the Patient’s attention on the stream of updates on her social media networks, the beeping of her email inbox and the bad behavior of people she will never meet.

They want her to judge people not by their selves, but by their conformity to current ideals. They want good and bad banned from the Patient’s vocabulary to be replaced with malleable adjectives: modern, progressive, historical, powerful, witty, smart, rich and sincere.

Most of all, they seek to confuse her and fill her head with noise so that she is entertained rather than enlightened, all in the context of the country’s biggest news events and cultural conversations. In weekly posts feminism and the church will be skewered, the nature of evil deconstructed, the importance of meaningful work explored as well as the pitfalls of modern love in an attempt to help readers understand the emptiness of a life apart from Christ – and the fullness of one centered on Him.

Keep in mind that Pandemonium’s advice can be unreliable, pointing to truths about human nature that she and Dissonance cannot understand because of a worldview that puts self above all else.


About Marta Hummel Mossburg

Marta Hummel Mossburg is a syndicated columnist whose work can be found each Friday in The American Spectator (spectator.org), among other outlets. She also can be heard regularly in Baltimore on WBAL and WEAA and seen on Fox 45. Her opinion pieces have also been published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, The Washington Examiner, National Review, The Baltimore Sun and throughout the Tribune network of papers.  See all of her work at www.martamossburg.com and follow her on Twitter @mmossburg.

She holds a M.S. in journalism from Northwestern University and a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Virginia, where she won a NCAA gold medal in rowing as co-captain of the Virginia women’s crew team. She is a board member of Children’s Scholarship Fund-Baltimore and lives with her husband and three children in Maryland, where she is a member of the Anglican Church of the Resurrection.