WAR & PEACE August 16, 2013

 (The following is an excerpt from a channeled lecture delivered by Paul Selig in Brooklyn, New York on August 4, 2013.)

Until you all realize that there is no need for war, you will war.  But you believe that you need war and you agree to it each and every day you see it.  “Well, there is a war,” and you are in agreement with the war.  Now, Paul is in the way, “Well, they don’t believe in it but they agree with it, those are two different things.”  In fact, they are the same thing.  To believe in something is to agree with it, which means to be in accord.  “I will defy that war.  I will fight that war,” is engaging in war against war and what does that get you but more war.

How do you live your lives but in agreement with structure?  “There is the post office, I will mail my letter.  I know it will be delivered in two days because that is my right.  There is my doctor, he will tell me what is wrong and I will pay him a bill and I will be well or not.  I see my schools.  I see my universities.  I know I don’t need them but I go to them because if I don’t go to them I will not be recognized and I have to play the game.”  The game we spoke of in the beginning is the big thing you have all invested in and until you realize it you will continue to perpetuate it because you believe it’s needed.

Now, understand this, everybody – it is needed because you think you need it.  So you need it, so you get it, you create it.  What else are you going to do?  But when you know you don’t need it, when you realize it is a manifestation of consciousness and absolutely nothing more you can redefine your requirements.

But the big question becomes, are you redefining your requirements in accordance with what you have known?  Because if you are doing it that way, you are still reacting to a structure and creating a plan based on a principle that never worked.  Do you understand this?

You can have peace without war.  But if your belief in peace is predicated on there being a war, you will never have peace, because the peace is only as good as not having a war.  This is a big teaching.  He has never heard this one.  You are getting the preview of the next book.

We will say this again – until you realize that peace and war are not contradictory but two different states of consciousness, you can’t lift to the new possibility.  Paul thinks that being single is in opposition to being partnered, so he gets in a quandary.  Until he realizes they are two different ways of being and one is not predicated on the existence of the other, he will see himself as single in response to something else.  Do you understand?

Now, this is a teaching of rapid change and we will say rapid change because the moment you really get this one, you stop investing in what you’ve had as the reason to change.  Do you understand this?  “I cannot be fat so I must be thin.  I cannot be alone so I must have a fellow with me.  I cannot be poor so I must engage in wealth,” are all recognitions of what you do not have and the response you are creating is actively opposed to it.  It is not a new consciousness, it’s a ricochet of the old.  So that is why you battle.  You seek this, you get that.  You seek this, you get that.

Now, what happens when you rise in consciousness?  You move to a new territory.  If you want the old, you have to lower your vibration again to attend to what has been created there.  Do you understand this?

If there is a department store with several levels and you want the lingerie on the fourth floor and you want the men’s ties on the first floor, you know you have to go down to get the ties.  If you want to live a happy life but invest in your misery, you go back down to the basement where your misery lives.  You are always engaging your vibration in one way or another.  The things do not exist at the same level that they were created at.  They exist at the levels where they have been manifested.

We will explain this to Paul.  When you create a pattern in misery or in a belief in something that is wrong-minded, that is where you live, that is where you create from.  To move beyond that creation means very simply that you must move beyond it.  If you can move beyond it, it no longer exists at the level of vibration that you are now claiming.  If you want it back, you can go back and claim it, but you must attend to it again at the level of vibration where it was first born.  Does this make sense?

We are showing Paul clothing.  When you were in junior high school, you had terrible taste, you wore those funny pants, you had that awful haircut.  Now you’re an old man, you have lovely taste, you would not be caught dead in those pants.  But when you go back to the level of mindset that you created from at that age, those are the appropriate pants to wear.  That is the outfit for the mind and the out-picturing of the manifestation of the mind that would wear the funny pants.  So you all get it now, yes?

So, what are you going to do about it?  Make a decision tonight, if you wish, that the life that you have lived is done, is finished.  It’s served its purpose.  You got a lot from it.  What an interesting time it was.  And everything that was created in this lifetime that has no bearing on who you are, is going to be released in love.

If you can say this, you claim your freedom in the present moment.  If you claim your freedom in the present moment, you can call anything to you.  You can be the manifestation of the new ideal we are teaching you in,  but if you want to tether yourself to what you have known as the way to identify – and here, Paul holds a frame before him – if you want to hold everything in the frame you’ve known, you might as well forget about it, because that’s what you’re going to get.

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