The Illusory Self

The Illusory Self January 27, 2014

(The following is a portion of a lecture channeled by Paul Selig in Boulder, Colorado in December, 2013)

The environment you stand in is simply a reflection of how you know yourself.  And the environment that you stand in is malleable, can be transformed by the new knowing of who and what you are.  How do you know yourself?  How do you claim your identity?  How do you choose to be?  Many of these things are known to you through prior engagement, “My teacher told me thus.” “I was taught by my mother thus. “”I must be who I was told I was.”  Well, now you know that is not so, so you are free to choose anew.

Now, in this new way you may sing a song and the song that you sing is your emanation, if you wish – your broadcast, if you like.  The vibration that you carry that informs consciousness as it has been changed, can be changed, will be changed by you, in intention.  The claim, “I know who I am.  I know what I am.  I know how I serve,” magnifies your intention for one simple reason: As you claim from this place you know who you are, and in that knowing you know that the limitations that you have engaged with up until now are illusory.  They are fabrications.  They are not solid and they can be moved.

When you know yourself to be free, when you have become yourself, when you have chosen to be yourself at this level of awareness, what you hold transforms.  This is alchemy, in a way, because what you have held that was created in lower vibration must be transformed by the vibration that holds it now.  Which is the challenge for many of you. That what you have created thus far, when you have been passive to your choices, when you were believing yourself to be put upon or told to do and agreed to things and consequently made creations to be in agreement with those choices – how you have created these things, in fear or in folly or in passivity – must be moved.

But how you have self-identified with them, “I am this thing I knew myself as. I am who I was told I was.  I will not be free.  I will not be moved.  I will not be challenged.”  Then you hold these things again as the sun rises and sets around you again and again and again.  Yes, Paul, this means they stay stuck because their attachments, those things that they have used to know themselves through, will not be released by them because they don’t know that they can or they are too frightened to release themselves to the new potential that they have engaged as.  And we underline the word as.

Now, why do you want to change?  This is a very large question for each of you.  “Because I do not like who I am,” is a very frightening choice.  “I do not like myself so now I must change.”  What you are affirming then is that you are not likeable to yourself and you must reengage the self to like the self.  In fact, this is not the way to move forward because it is an abnegation of who you are and unless you accept who you are in this very moment, in this moment you stand in now, you will be making choices to be based on who you thought you were.  And underline the word thought.

The illusory self is still dictating your path.  Do you understand this?  The belief that you are a bad person is a lie – there is no such thing.  The Divine Self as you is the new point of freedom.  That is the self-identification you work with and consequently what you are choosing to be is in response to your worth, not in reaction to your bad self.  Do you understand the difference here?

He (Paul) does not – it’s a new teaching.  The fear of being changed, in many ways, is an attachment to who you thought you were.  Underline the word thought.  But what you thought you were was a mistake.  The belief that you hold about your limited self being the true self is what is being addressed now.

Imagine this in some way – you believe you are an ugly person so what you do is adorn the self; you try to fix yourself so you will be beautiful as perceived by others.  That whole action is based in a lie that you are not beautiful.  Do you understand this?  So you compound a choice that was already false, that was born in a false knowing and perpetuated by being in reaction as it.

Understanding the vibration, “I know who I am.  I know what I am.  I know how I serve,” is the vibration of the Christ, which is always beautiful, simply needs to be acknowledged as such.  That’s you claiming your true self and not the fabrications of the mind that were born in illusory structures – who is beautiful and who is ugly – which is a dictation of history and not fact.  Do you understand this?  That is a structure.  That is a frame.

If you are making your choices based on a false frame, you are perpetuating a frame.  The freedom you have now, and we underline the word have – it is yours, it is yours, it is yours – is to be you at this level of knowing expressed as you.  Do you understand this?  This is the truth of who you are as expressed in conscious choice.  The denial of this is the other stuff that you are perpetuating in your reactions, “I am not good enough; I must be made good.  I am not happy enough; I must become happy.”

You are forgetting the truth of who you are that bypasses all of these structures.  In many ways, the feelings that you have – the emotions you know yourself through – are born in reaction to cultural dictates.

You have been taught how to feel.  We do not make your feelings wrong.  They are yours, but they are not who you are.  They are ways you know yourself.  “It is raining, I must be sad.  It is Monday, I must begrudge the work I go to.  It is my wedding night, I must make love.”  These are the expectations that you attend to and you know yourself through but they are not who you are.

Now, who are you then?  Who are you really?  What are you really if you are not who you thought you were?  Who you know yourself as is vastly different than anything you could conjure.  But the knowing of who you are is a deep responsibility.  To claim it is to know it is to become it.  And many of you in the claim, “I know who I am, what I am, how I serve,” will seek to penetrate that truth with all the accouterments the ego has assembled.

Imagine you are gifted with a wonderful new room, a beautiful new room that you have never had access to but you want to fill it up with your mother’s china and your father’s yelling, and the degrees you carry and decorate it so it looks like the last room you lived in.  That is what most of you do.  “Who am I without that stuff?”

As long as you self-identify as that stuff, that is who you are in your projected truth.  Now, your innate truth, the truth that you are, “I know who I am as an aspect of the Creator manifested in form,” is the key that unlocks the door that you then walk through.

The perpetuation of the false self as the ruler of the kingdom is what we are beginning to teach now.  And this is the key for Paul because the new teachings will be coming soon and the false self in its proclamations will do all that it can to keep these teachings from coming forth, because they challenge the foundation of who each of you think you are.  And if you are not who you thought you were, the ego self loses all control and does not want that to happen.


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