Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story With Nancy HC Ward

Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story With Nancy HC Ward July 13, 2020

Does sharing your faith scare you?  There is something about doing it that is a bit nerve-racking  Maybe it is the fear of rejection, being made fun of, or perhaps something else.  The fact of the matter is that somebody needs to hear your story.  Author and speaker Nancy HC Ward recently wrote a book titled Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story that sets out to give tips and to show the importance of each individual faith story.

Sharing Your Story

Every story is unique, and something that we may think is insignificant may be the hits home with someone.  Nancy’s book is relatable, well written, and a gift of encouragement.  She describes how each faith story is composed of how we were before conversion, how God changed us, and how our life has changed.

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Nancy also goes into great detail, not only about her story (which is amazing), but how proclaiming our story fulfills the commandment of Christ to evangelize.  Through our story we are involving ourselves in works of mercy, participating in the Great Commission, and defending the faith.  People cannot argue with a life that has been changed.

This book is much more than one that gives tips and tools for sharing one’s story.  That alone is worth checking this book out, but Nancy also includes the Catholic Faith Stories of 30 people.  If you enjoy these types of stories then this book is for you.  These stories are not long, but pack a powerful evangelistic punch.  I highly recommend this book.  It will help you share your story, and in turn share the faith.

You can learn more about Nancy at her website at or her blog at  Also check out her great book on Amazon.

About The Author

Nancy Ward’s training in journalism, experience in writing, conversion to the Catholic Church, and maturity of spirit qualify her to write Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story at this time. She has seen the results in others and deeply experienced conversion and spiritual renewal in her own life in astounding ways.

Nancy has been writing since her childhood and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at the University of North Texas. Her media experience includes three years with the Texas Catholic newspaper and two years with the Catholic Diocese of Dallas Television and Evangelization Office. Throughout her 25 years as an entrepreneur of The Word Works, a writing and editing consulting service, her clients included corporate, technical, educational, and nonprofit organizations. She has written more than 200 articles for commercial, nonprofit, and Catholic publications.

Her Christian magazine credits include Charisma, Our Sunday Visitor, New Covenant, St. Anthony Messenger, and Vocations Magazine. She has taught church newsletter seminars at Southern Methodist University, helped teach non-credit courses in technical writing at the University of Texas at Dallas, and presented public relations mini-workshops for civic organizations.

Experiences Of The Author

Born in Fort Worth and educated in El Paso, Texas, Nancy has lived on the west coast in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego; and the east coast in Boston and Washington, D. C. (during 9-11). All these experiences, plus foreign travel (including to the Holy Land, Rome, and Assisi), along with her Protestant childhood, give her a unique picture of the many facets of the Catholic Church.

Nancy’s own struggles and victories have brought her from Protestantism to the fullness of faith in Catholicism and given her the impetus to use her talents, training, and insights to create Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story: Tools, Tips, and Testimonies.

She contributed four chapters to The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion (Ave Maria Press, September 2016). Through her award-winning Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story: Tools, Tips, and Testimonies workshops, retreats, book, and DVD, she shares her conversion story at Catholic parishes and conferences, equipping others to evangelize by sharing their own stories.


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