5 Catholic YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

5 Catholic YouTube Channels You Should Check Out March 15, 2021

YouTube is something we have all heard of and viewed on occasion. Some, like me, even have our own channels where we do all kinds of things.  As someone who rarely is able to sleep through the night, I tend to turn on YouTube and let the videos roll.

In addition to videos about professional wrestling (I’m a huge fan), I also binge videos about Catholic theology, evangelism, and apologetics.  There are no shortage of channels out there, but here are five you should check out.  That is, if you haven’t already.  After each channel mentioned will be a video for you to preview.  The channels listed are done so in no particular order.

1.  Reason And Theology YouTube Channel

Reason and Theology is hosted by Michael Lofton and also has Erick Ybarra and William Albrecht as contributors.  This great channel recently surpassed 10,000 subscribers.  This channel is a favorite of mine because of its great theological content.

If you are interested in good theology and apologetics then this is a great channel to subscribe to.  They are also not afraid to have non-Catholics on the channel to discuss differing views in a respectful manner.  The channel has recently hosted debates on the Old Testament canon, papal primacy, and the filioque.

2.  Apocrypha Apocalypse

Apocrypha Apocalypse was started by Gary Michuta and William Albrecht.  The channel is described as

“Why are Catholic and Orthodox Bibles bigger than Protestant bibles? Authors Gary Michuta and William Albrecht explore different aspects of the development of the Old Testament canon and whether the Deuterocanon is Apocrypha.”

As you can guess it has everything to do with the books that we Catholics call Deuterocanonical.  Gary Michuta has written several books that discuss the inspiration of these books and he brings that knowledge to us.  IF you want to learn how to defend these books in a deeper way then this channel is for you.

3.  Keith Nester YouTube Channel

Keith Nester is a convert to the Catholic church.  In the description Keith describes himself as

“A former pastor/youth pastor with more than 20 years in full-time ministry. Keith served in United Methodist, Assemblies of God, and Evangelical Free churches in various roles.”

He had a 20 year discernment before resigning from his full time ministry position in 2018.  His YouTube channel has great content such as his conversion story, daily rosary, and great interviews on evangelism and apologetics.  He presents these videos in a way that is easy understood and relatable.

4.  Catholic Truth

The Youtube channel for Catholic Truth is run by Bryan Mercier.  The channel, and the charitable organization behind it, seeks to

“Help Catholics to know, love, and live their faith with purpose and passion, and to find transformation in Jesus Christ. We also seek to explain and defend to the Catholic faith so that anyone, at any time, from any religion, can know exactly what the Catholic Church teaches and why.”

Bryan is an engaging and energetic host who engages topics in a straightforward but respectable manner.  In his videos he discusses how to evangelize, has some apologetics resources, and engages issues our culture is dealing with.  His videos on the beliefs of Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah’s witnesses are worth subscribing alone.

5.  How To Be Christian

I found How To Be Christian by accident but I am glad I found it.  The about section describes the channel as

“How to be Christian” teaches you about the topic of Christianity. Whether you’re Christian or not Christian, this series welcomes you to learn about what Christianity is, if you are interested in the subject.”

There is great care taken in producing these videos.  The final product is well put together, engaging, and has some humor sprinkled in for good measure.  This channel looks at videos posted by Protestants that are talking about some aspect of Catholic theology.  This channel sets them straight.  It is done respectfully.

Is there a favorite Catholic YouTube channel that you have?  Submit a link in the comments and I will check it out.  While I’m at it check out my channel as well.  God bess.


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