‘Stories of the Messiah’ with Rabbi Kirt Schneider Launches on Pray.com

‘Stories of the Messiah’ with Rabbi Kirt Schneider Launches on Pray.com November 21, 2023

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21, 2023 – Pray.com, the No. 1 app for prayer and faith-based content, announces a new podcast launch, “Stories of the Messiah with Rabbi Kirt Schneider,” a two-part transformative journey presenting the story of Jesus Christ that runs throughout the whole of Scripture. “Stories of the Messiah” offers a unique blend of historical accounts and spiritual revelations, guiding listeners to rediscover beloved Bible heroes’ timeless tales of faith and their profound connection to the Messiah.


Dramatically narrated by evangelist Rabbi Kirt Schneider, ’Stories of the Messiah’ is an extraordinary journey through history featuring powerful stories of biblical figures anticipating Jesus’ birth — from Noah’s steadfastness amid chaos, Moses’ leadership against the mighty Pharaoh, Samson’s unparalleled strength, to David’s legendary valor against Goliath. Pulling from his own historic Jewish roots, Rabbi Schneider paints a more complete picture of the Messiah that takes both Old and New Testaments into account.

“I am glad and privileged to partner with Pray.com on this cutting-edge and creative outreach project,” Rabbi Schneider said. “Now, perhaps more than ever, the world needs the hope that can only be found in Messiah.”

The first half of ‘Stories of the Messiah’ launched November 1, covering readers’ favorite biblical legends and their Messiah connections, leading the audience through the intricate tapestries of quintessential figures such as Noah, Sampson and David. More than stories of faith and miracles, these pieces of history follow a recurrent theme, a spiritual undertone that connects each tale to the grandeur of the Gospel.


The second part of this podcast series, beginning November 27, highlights the Nativity, or the ‘Birth and Hope of Redemption,’ revisiting the silent night in Bethlehem, both recounting the historical events of the first Noel and reigniting the profound wonder and divine love encapsulated in the birth of Christ.


“These heroes, with their triumphs and tribulations, consistently point us toward Jesus, the ultimate hero, the promised Messiah who brings light to the darkest corners of history,” said Pray.com VP of Content Max Bard. “Rabbi Schneider is a fascinating storyteller and once you’ve listened to ‘Stories of the Messiah,’ you’ll never look at the Old Testament the same way again.”


Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider is an author, evangelist and host of the impactful television and radio program, Discovering The Jewish Jesus, available in more than one hundred million homes in the U.S. and nearly two hundred nations worldwide.  After a startling vision of Christ led to his salvation in 1978, Rabbi Schneider dedicated his life to a passionate pursuit of Messiah Jesus and being used by God for His purpose.

Find “Stories of the Messiah” and other faith-based audio content at www.pray.com/podcasts, on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard.

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