Book Review: A Concise Guide To Catholic Social Teaching

Book Review: A Concise Guide To Catholic Social Teaching December 27, 2023

When it comes to Catholic social teaching it is fairly easy to find books on individual topics.  In this volume, which is a third, edition, Kevin E. McKenna gives concise explanations on every aspect of Catholic social teaching.  The author is Pastor and Rector of the Cathedral community in Rochester, NY.  He has extensive experience in Catholic social teaching and Canon law.  He is also the general editor for the concise series by Ave Maria Press.

The book is broken down into seven chapters that delve with vital topics such as the dignity of life and care for God’s creation.  What I appreciated most, besides the conciseness of the work, was that the beginnings of each chapter listed the various encyclicals and church documents that are summarized.  This allows the reader to find those documents and read them for themselves.

As previously stated, this is the third edition and the encyclicals written by Pope Francis have been included in this volume.  This book is a must have in my opinion because it is a good reference piece.  If there is a question on a topic of Catholic social teaching this resource is one that can be used easily to get the answer.  It is good for anyone who teaches or writes about the faith s these issues will come up regularly.

[Note:  This book was obtained free of charge from Ave Maria Press in exchange for an honest review.]
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