The Augustine Institute and Catholic Sprouts Team Up

The Augustine Institute and Catholic Sprouts Team Up February 4, 2024

Denver, CO, January 31, 2024—The future of the worldwide Catholic Church is in the hands of today’s Catholic parents… and no one is more keenly aware of it than those parents themselves. During Catholic Schools Week, the Augustine Institute and Catholic Sprouts honor children’s primary educators in the faith—their moms and dads—with a new six-episode series. The Catholic Parent is designed to encourage and empower parents on their quest to hand on the Catholic faith to the next generation.

“Parents are sometimes difficult to reach with resources and encouragement because they are busy raising children. With FORMED, we saw an opportunity to reach Catholic parents right where they are—in their own homes,” Nancy Bandzuch, founder of Catholic Sprouts, said.

Nancy Bandzuch is a Catholic mom dedicated to supporting other Catholic parents in their vocations. She founded Catholic Sprouts, an organization that provides educational and catechetical tools designed to assist parents in building their own domestic church. The Augustine Institute drew on the expertise of Catholic Sprouts and other acclaimed teachers of the Catholic faith to tell real stories about real parents trying to form their children well in the faith amid the messiness of life. With artful storytelling, relatable faith formation, and beautiful videography, The Catholic Parent promises to be a powerful viewing experience for parents.

“We want Catholic parents to see that they’re not alone and that there are others who are in the trenches of motherhood or fatherhood along with them, attempting to live God’s will for their lives,” Bandzuch said.

The makers of The Catholic Parent want viewers to walk away encouraged, edified, and with a few more tools to live Catholic family life to the fullest. With topics like Mass as a family, Confession, joyful giving, and making sacrifices, parents gain wisdom through shared experiences of handing on the treasure of the faith. Special appearances from theological experts facilitate a deeper understanding of how parents can communicate the Catholic faith to their family.

Each of the six episodes is 30 minutes long and focuses on one topic. Discussion questions and other resources are available for those watching The Catholic Parent in a small group setting. Other parish promotional materials are available at The Catholic Parent is now streaming on and the FORMED app alongside the other high-quality Catholic content subscribers have come to trust since 2015.

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