Newly Refreshed Symbolon Showcases Vibrance of Catholicism

Newly Refreshed Symbolon Showcases Vibrance of Catholicism May 24, 2024

Denver, CO, May 20, 2024—The Augustine Institute, home of the premier Catholic streaming service Formed, will soon release a new version of its flagship catechetical series Symbolon, taking viewers on a journey around the United States for a unique experience of the universal Church. With its sixteen visually vibrant episodes teaching the Catholic faith line by line using the Creed, Symbolon: The Faith of the Church will launch on Formed on July 17.


“Symbolon has been an incredible resource for parishes and individuals around the country and the world to teach the foundational truths of the faith for over a decade now. We believe it was time to revitalize the series with new locations, teaching methods, and storytelling that continues to hand on the ancient faith of the Church in new and exciting ways,” said Taylor Kemp, host of Symbolon: The Faith of the Church and vice president of content at the Augustine Institute. “The faith is alive and calls out to every generation. We hope to make that call clearer for those who encounter this new series and that they join us for the journey.”


Symbolon has fostered meaningful encounters with the Catholic faith for more than a decade, widely used for OCIA programs, catechist formation, and men’s and women’s groups. Through rich cinematography, faithful storytelling, and helpful study materials, Symbolon systematically teaches the core beliefs of Catholicism using prayer, Scripture, history, and tradition.


With the same dynamic style as its beloved predecessor, Symbolon: The Faith of the Church includes new locations, including Philadelphia’s National Shrine of St. John Neumann, Oklahoma City’s Shrine of Blessed Stanley Rother, St. Augustine’s National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche, and many others. Every episode concludes with lectio divina led either by Dr. Tim Gray, president of the Augustine Institute and well-known speaker and author, or Dr. Elizabeth Klein, associate professor of theology at the Augustine Institute. This practice grounds all the teachings in prayer, where the faithful live out their “vital and personal relationship with the living and true God” (CCC 2558).

“We are an educational apostolate and bring the strength of the Augustine Institute faculty into this series to hand on the faith in its full integrity and depth,” Kemp said. “We believe Symbolon will be an abiding program for the Church that helps viewers discover that the glory of the Catholic Church is closer than they think!”

Kemp is a Catholic convert and former professional soccer player whose love of the Catholic faith brought him to the Augustine Institute, first as a student and now employee. He co-hosts Symbolon alongside Noelle Garcia, a Catholic recording artist, speaker, wife, and mother of five children whose message has captured audiences for over 10 years.

Each of the sixteen 30-minute episodes is divided into short, digestible segments to facilitate increased discussion between catechists and participants, as well as optimize learning. Participant guides, leader’s resources, and other supplemental materials are available for purchase.

Symbolon: The Faith of the Church is available for streaming beginning July 17 on the Formed website and app alongside the other high-quality Catholic content subscribers have come to trust since 2015.

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