June 25, 2016

As leaders, we can easily overdevelop our praxis and undervalue our selves. “Who am I?” however, proves infinitely more important than “How do I …?” If I am comfortable in my role as my self, then I will not pattern myself after the popular leader paradigm. Instead, I will work in the confidence of my “baptized imagination” — a phrase C.S. Lewis used to describe his imagination post-conversion. Lewis saw the world anew, a capacity he attributed to his Christian... Read more

June 17, 2016

As someone who just finished their PhD this new movement in academia to ‘decolonise’ concerns me. Recently, Joanna Williams, education editor at spiked, contributed this to the discussion. You can read the full piece here.    Source: The demand for universities to ‘decolonise’ has become one of the central tenets of the identity-driven student protest movement. It has driven a cleansing of ‘colonial iconography’ in the form of statues, pictures and the names of buildings. It has also turned the... Read more

June 13, 2016

Source  Modern education aims to be ‘inclusive’, and that means not sounding too certain about anything in case you make people who don’t share your beliefs feel uncomfortable. Indeed, even calling them ‘beliefs’ is slightly suspect. The correct word is ‘opinions’. If you try to express your certainties in a classroom today you are apt to be looked at askance, not because you are wrong, but because of the strangeness of being certain about anything and the even greater strangeness... Read more

June 10, 2016

I was hammering the throttle of my John Deere across our second acre field when I spotted my six-year old, Brielle, waving her hands wildly at me. I stopped, idled down, and waved her over to the mower. “Can I ride with you?” “Sure. Hold on.” We took off. I let her drive down the hill. And then, there it was. A huge doe leaped across our neighbors garden and right into our path. Like a slow-motion scene in a... Read more

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