An Invitation To Experience Aesthetic Wonder

An Invitation To Experience Aesthetic Wonder September 8, 2020

Something different for this Tuesday … one of three videos I’ve put together in the past with original music that reflects the art of free thought.

The video Apocalyptic Thinking begins with an array of astronomical numbers that express how long life and humanity have been around. It then runs through the staggering amount of supernatural beliefs and religious systems people have invented.

Despite these numbers, the vast majority of people choose to live within the vacuum of modern history by making a conscious choice to let a system of beliefs dictate their worldview.

But freethinkers choose to think exponentially, outside the box and beyond the limits of time. This permits them to experience feelings of aesthetic wonder and awe that differs from religious forms of spirituality.


About Scott R Stahlecker
Scott R. Stahlecker is the author of the novel "Blind Guides, “Picking Wings Off Butterflies,” and “How to Escape Religion Guilt Free.” He is a former pastor and previous owner of several hospice agencies. “I’ve spent roughly thirty years as a freethinker. Among the many things I’ve discovered is that there’s few non-religious websites that offer optimistic discussions about free thought; about its benefits for individuals and societies, or tips on how to develop freethinking skills. Which is why I created Thinkadelics; to engage with others on a range of topics — from newsworthy posts to in-depth features — which best articulates the joys of being a freethinker.” You can read more about the author here.

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